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What happens as we are dying?

Psychology Today mentioned a UBC study that concluded the dying brain responds to sound even during an unconscious state and that hearing is the last sense to go in the dying process. The lead author Elizabeth Blundon, who was a PhD student in the department of psychology at the time of the study, was quoted.
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Extreme rainfall patterns disrupt rainforest food webs

Earth.com featured a study co-authored by UBC zoology professor Diane Srivastava that looked at the effect of extreme rainfall on food webs.

As permafrost thaws under intense heat, Russia's Siberia burns — again

CBC interviewed Greg Henry, a UBC climatologist in the department of geography, about his research across the Arctic ocean in northern Siberia and the forest fires happening in the region.

B.C.’s iconic grizzly bear adapting to coexist with people in the Okanagan

Global interviewed UBCO wildlife biologist Clayton Lamb about his research on grizzly bears in the Okanagan.

How bacteria found in breast milk can positively impact a child’s health

A new collaborative study by UBC researchers and the University of Manitoba found bacteria are shared and possibly transferred from a mother’s milk to the infant’s gut, and breastfeeding directly at the breast best supports the process. Study authors Stuart Turvey and Hind Sbihi in UBC’s department of pediatrics were mentioned.
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UBC Okanagan researcher delves into kindness psychology

UBCO education professor John-Tyler Binfet conducted a survey to understand how adolescents demonstrate kindness.

U.S. departure from WHO another 'big headache for Canada'

Yahoo spoke to UBC political science professor Yves Tiberghien about the impact of U.S’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization on Canada and the other 193 countries.
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Singapore GE2020: Younger voters make their mark in polls

Elvin Ong, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, commented on the People’s Action Party and what the Singaporeans are looking for.
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Expert warns return to lockdown conditions a 'possibility' in B.C.

UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs doesn’t think B.C. is poised to scale back its reopening or return to lockdown measures, but the events in Melbourne indicate that this could be a possibility if the numbers do increase rapidly.

The mental toll of COVID-19, and the doctor who saw it coming

The Tyee featured UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor’s book on the psychological impact of previous pandemics on both patients and populations.
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The long-term biological effects of COVID-19 stress on kids’ future health and development

Michael Kobor, Canada Research Chair in social epigenetics and professor in UBC’s department of medical genetics, Kim Schmidt and Ruanne Vent-Schmidt at the UBC Social Exposome Cluster wrote about the unintended consequences of the public health response to the pandemic for children and adolescents.
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B.C. human rights commissioner ready to tackle race-based health data collection

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, Aki-kwe, director of the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre at UBC, is investigating the range and extent of anti-Indigenous racism in B.C.’s health care system. Her team of investigators includes Perry Kendall, a clinical professor at the school of population and public health, and Margaret Moss, director of First Nations learning and professor of nursing at UBC.
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Want facts with that? New podcast network dedicated to peer-reviewed academic work

Daniel Justice, a UBC professor of critical Indigenous studies and English is collaborating with other universities to create and promote CBC’s new program Amplify to support academics who want to share their research in podcast format.

UBC Okanagan announces new wine research centre headquarters

The headquarters of UBC’s Wine Research Centre is moving from Vancouver to Kelowna campus. The centre will be led by newly appointed director Jacques-Olivier Pesme.