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How grizzly bears have learned to live with humans

A UBCO study led by Liber Ero postdoctoral fellow Clayton Lamb and Adam Ford, a professor in UBCO’s department of biology, explored the ecology of human-carnivore coexistence.

Hair from ghostly bears reveals new genetic secrets

UBC forestry professor Kermit Ritland gave comments about a new study that suggests the gene that turns the coat of Spirit bears ghostly white is rarer than previously estimated, and that their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada is not yet adequately protected.
New York Times (subscription)

Saddledome needs $48M+ in repairs but most work may never happen

UBCO engineering professor Shahria Alam reviewed the building condition assessment report on the safety of Saddledome, a multi-use indoor arena in Calgary.

Canada must keep the border closed until the U.S. can prove it has the virus under control

Keith Head, HSBC professor in Asian commerce at the UBC Sauder School of Business, says Canada should set a clear date on reopening for regular immigration, immigrating workers and family reunification, even as it extends the restrictions on leisure travel indefinitely.
The Star

ITB's 100-year anniversary

UBC president and vice-chancellor Santa Ono’s congratulatory greetings to Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia was broadcasted on TVRI Nasional.
TVRI Nasional (1:28 mark)

Korean-to-English literary translation - a critical examination

Ross King, a UBC professor of Korean language and literature and head of the department of Asian studies, was interviewed about the complexity of the Korean language and his work in Korean-to-English literary translation.
Korea Now Podcast