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How do trees collaborate?

TED Radio Hour featured UBC forestry professor Suzanne Simard for her research in tree communications. She discovered that trees use complex, symbiotic underground networks to communicate and share resources, uprooting the idea that nature constantly competes for survival.

We're all natural born Einsteins! Fascinating new Netflix series reveals babies can grasp complex concepts like gravity and morality

UBC psychology professor Kiley Hamlin’s research on the development of moral and social behaviours in babies is featured in a Netflix docuseries, Babies.
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UBC study shows negative thinking, divorce, financial difficulties increase risk of death

Media highlighted a study led by Eli Puterman, a health psychologist and a professor at UBC’s school of kinesiology, that examined non-biological predictors of mortality.
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Roberts Bank Terminal 2 would make Fraser River estuary a ‘giant parking lot,’ observers warn

The Narwhal mentioned a UBC study that found a higher rate of deaths among Canadians who lived in high-pollution areas compared to low-pollution areas.

Not fought on streets but in cyber space, Covid-19 enforced 'digital GE’ will be like no other

Today Online spoke to Elvin Ong, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC’s Centre for Southeast Asia Research, about the upcoming 2020 Singaporean general election.
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Quiet Salish Sea gives scientists chance to study endangered killer whales

Andrew Trites, director of UBC’s marine mammal research unit, commented on the potential benefits of a decrease in commercial shipping traffic on endangered killer whales.
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Why B.C. will be 'right on the brink' of a COVID-19 resurgence for months to come

CBC interviewed UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs about moving from Phase 2 to 3 of the COVID-19 recovery.

Survey reveals link between COVID-19 stress and mental illness worries

New research led by UBC nursing professor Emily Jenkins and the Canadian Mental Health Association showed that  COVID-19 has increased the suicide risk for Canadians with pre-existing mental health challenges and experiences of marginalization.
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Coronavirus cases have hit 10 million worldwide, with 500,000 deaths. Where do we go from here?

Global spoke to Stephen Hoption Cann, an infectious disease expert at UBC’s school of population and public health, and UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs about the fast growth rate of COVID-19 cases worldwide.

Canada’s lost months: When COVID-19′s first wave hit, governments and health officials were scattered and slow to act

Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease specialist and clinical pediatrics professor at UBC, says there was good reason for not closing borders back in January. All of those things lead to stigma and lead to worsening of relationships across borders.
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Canada Day 2020 - Let's innovate together!

The biodegradable, compostable mask developed at UBC’s BioProducts Institute was included in a video showcasing Canadian COVID-19 innovations produced by the Government of Canada for this year’s Canada Day celebration. Lead researchers Orlando Rojas and Johan Foster were interviewed.
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UBC establishes iPad program for long-term care facilities

Roger Wong, a clinical professor of geriatric medicine in the faculty of medicine, was interviewed about Connecting with Compassion, a new UBC initiative that is using technology to connect medical students with seniors living in long-term care homes across B.C.
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