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What success in the workplace looks like in 2020

Business Insider mentioned a study co-led by UBC psychologists that showed higher income is associated with less daily sadness and not more daily happiness.
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Hummingbirds can see colors we can’t even imagine, new research shows

New research co-authored by Harold Eyster, a UBC PhD student at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, shows hummingbirds see an array of combination colours involving UV that humans are blind to.
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How to co-parent an infant with your ex

Edward Kruk, a professor of social work at UBC, says spending time with children through everyday activities become critical, particularly after a divorce, and nurturing activities help develop and maintain children’s trust in their parents.

Sea otter study

CTV interviewed Edward Gregr, a professor at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, about his new research that looked at the economic costs and long-term benefits of sea otter recovery.
CTV (33:37 mark)

The help men can get online could save their lives

A study conducted by UBC nursing professor John Oliffe and urologic sciences professor Larry Goldenberg showed online health resources can improve men’s health.
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Scientists say the last of British Columbia’s old-growth trees will soon be gone, if policies don’t change

Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, says how we treat and take care of our forests ultimately determines the fate of our salmon populations, and it isn’t just about controlling fishing but controlling what we do on the land.
Seattle Times

But Why Live: Trees

Alexia Constantinou and Katie McMahen of the Simard lab at UBC’s faculty of forestry answered questions about trees and tree communication.
VPR But Why

Filling the gap in data on anti-Asian racism in Canada

UBC professor of history and migration Henry Yu commented on Canada’s lack of detailed statistics on racism which would help identify patterns and highlight ways forward.

How Indigenous researchers are reclaiming archeology and anthropology

The Globe and Mail mentioned Susan Rowley, UBC anthropology professor and curator of the Museum of Anthropology, about developing the impact of Indigenous archeologists and communities in archaeology.
Globe and Mail

Elder abuse awareness

UBC nursing professor Jennifer Baumbusch discussed the prevalence and different types of elder abuse, and how it’s often those who are close to the victim who are the perpetrators.
CKNW Sunday Night Health (0:58 mark)

History between First Nations and the police in Canada

Patricia Barkaskas, a UBC professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law and the academic director of the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, was interviewed about systematic racism and the way historical events have shaped the way Indigenous people interact with the police.
CHQR Danielle Smith (6:50 mark)

Why clean energy should be at the heart of post-COVID-19 stimulus plans

Hisham Zerriffi, a professor at UBC’s faculty of forestry, says we can reach very high levels of renewable energy generation at a reasonable cost and it would be prudent to make short-term choices align with long-term objectives, including international and domestic carbon reduction targets.
New Statesman

CEO asks employees to lie on timecards or risk job losses — violating labour laws

CBC spoke to UBC sociology professor Sylvia Fuller about the dark side of labour markets, including insecurity in the workplace. She said the tough job market due to COVID-19 has created a perfect storm where employees are afraid to speak out about abuses in the workplace.

Weed & Sex: Researchers find two positive effects on mental health

Natasha Parent, a PhD student in the human development, learning and culture program at UBC, and medicine professor Rod Knight, wrote about their study that looked at the sexualized use of cannabis among young sexual minority men.

These are Canada’s greenest employers in 2020

UBC was chosen as one of Canada’s greenest employers in 2020. The university has updated its climate action plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 67 per cent by 2020 and 100 per cent by 2050, over a 2007 baseline.
Globe and Mail

Who’s going to end up footing the cleanup bill for Alberta’s oilsands?

The Narwhal highlighted a webinar hosted by UBC’s Indigenous Research Support Initiative that looked at pandemic reporting in Indigenous contexts.

Rick Mercer to speak at UBCO virtual grad

Comedian Rick Mercer will deliver the keynote address at UBCO’s virtual graduation ceremony on Wednesday.
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