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UBC researcher to study link between exercise, mental health among older adults during pandemic

Mark Beauchamp, a UBC professor at the school of kinesiology, was interviewed about his study on the connection between physical activity and mental health in adults.

Understanding the skinny gene

Mornings with Simi interviewed Josef Penninger, director of UBC’s Life Sciences Institute, about his study that discovered a gene called ALK plays a role in the resistance to weight gain.
CKNW Mornings with Simi (07:55 mark)

Delayed but not forgotten: Tax season

Research 2 Reality highlighted a study co-conducted by UBC that showed when taxpayers recognize their tax dollars are used to help others, they are more supportive of taxation and more willing to pay.
Research 2 Reality

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week

Agnes Lee, medical director of the thrombosis program at UBC, commented on a false claim that states COVID-19 is not a virus, but a bacterium, which clots the blood and can easily be treated with aspirin and blood-thinners.
New York Times (subscription), YahooNews 1130

Huawei chief financial officer dismissed by British Columbia Supreme Court

UBC political science professor Yves Tiberghien gave comments about the next steps that Huawei and China will likely take following the extradition ruling.
Le Devoir

So where did the virus come from?

The Wall Street Journal mentioned a study co-written by Shing Zhan, a PhD candidate at UBC’s Biodiversity Research Centre, that suggests that all the available data show that the novel coronavirus was brought into Wuhan’s wild animal market by a person already suffering from the disease.
Wall Street Journal

Why treating COVID-19 in dementia units can be especially challenging

Maria Chung, a clinical professor of geriatric medicine, was interviewed about some of the challenges of caring for people with dementia during COVID-19.
CBC On The Coast (radio)

Why Canadians can’t ignore this sign of bladder cancer, even in the COVID-19 pandemic

Peter Black, a professor of urologic sciences at UBC, says it’s more important now than ever to get out the message that bladder cancer can be life-threatening, and people can’t ignore the signs because of COVID-19.

UBC group uses technology to perform for seniors

In an effort to limit the isolation felt by seniors during COVID-19, UBC music students and the faculty of medicine are delivering new iPads pre-loaded with performances from the UBC school of music and videoconferencing programs and other communications apps.

Coronavirus: Is it safe to swim in a pool, lake or the ocean?

The Weather Network asked Curtis Suttle, a professor at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, whether coronavirus can persist in water. “I think the point is that this SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus and it affects respiratory systems, and so we catch it by inhaling the virus. You don’t typically catch it by eating it or drinking it,” he said.
Weather NetworkYahoo

UBC researchers developing biodegradable N95 masks from local wood fibres

UBC researchers at the BioProducts Institute are designing prototypes for a biodegradable N95 mask made of B.C. wood fibres. Orlando Rojas, BPI scientific director and a professor in the faculties of applied science, forestry and science, was interviewed.
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B.C. man says temperature-taking for COVID-19 is discriminatory, experts weigh in

Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on the effectiveness of thermal screening for catching COVID-19 cases, and said it will discourage those who should quarantine from going out if they know that people are being screened regardless.
Vancouver is Awesome

Alberta farmers struggle to find footing amid pandemic

Jim Vercammen, a professor of food and resource economics at UBC, discussed Canada’s food supply chain during COVID-19.
St. Albert Today

Supply chain innovation can reduce coronavirus food shortages

Rickey Yada, dean of the faculty of land and food systems, says we need to renovate our food supply chains so that they readily absorb the effects of the next big challenge and ensure the new investments make a positive and lasting change across the production chain to benefit both consumers and the environment.
The Conversation

The case for a public option for housing

Penny Gurstein, a professor at UBC’s school of community and regional planning, says COVID-19 recovery is a chance to expand public investments in people and in communities, and invest in a public option for housing across B.C. to ensure a long-term sustainable supply of affordable housing.
The Tyee

International student worry about pandemic as decisions loom on travel to Canada

Matthew Ramsey, director of university affairs, was quoted about UBC’s decision to primarily offer online classes in the fall so students can participate from around the world.
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UBC law students continue to help Indigenous clients in DTES during lockdown

Georgia Straight featured the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, which offers free legal services provided by students at the Peter A. Allard School of Law. The article quoted academic director Patricia Barkaskas.
Georgia Straight