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Pigeon birth control program expanded to eight SkyTrain stations

UBC graduate students are working on a project for the B.C. SPCA which aims to reduce pigeon populations.
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Humpback sightings in Vancouver harbour a welcome sign of recovery

Andrew Trites, a professor and director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, was interviewed about the recent humpback whale sightings in Vancouver’s harbour.
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How to flatten the other curves

Times Colonist mentioned Bill Rees, a professor emeritus of human ecology and ecological economics at UBC, about his chart showing our collective impact on the Earth and how our present way of life might lead to societal and population collapse.
Times Colonist

UBC researchers develop biodegradable medical masks made from wood fibre

UBC researchers at the BioProducts Institute are designing prototypes for a biodegradable N95 mask made of B.C. wood fibres. Orlando Rojas, BPI scientific director and a professor in the faculties of applied science, forestry and science, and Johan Foster, a chemical and biological engineering professor, were interviewed.
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COVID-19: Contact tracing apps can fight pandemic and respect privacy, experts say

Konstantin Beznosov, a UBC electrical and computer engineering professor, says it’s essential that data is protected if we start using contract tracing apps to fight the pandemic.
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COVID-19: Food for thought turned into a platform to help struggling restaurants and feed front line workers

UBC students Patrisse Chan and Eunice Wu created Feeding our Frontlines, a donation hub where members of the public can buy meals for front line workers.
Vancouver SunThe Province

Idea of universal basic income raises complicated questions, says B.C. expert

David Green, a professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, commented on the public debate over whether the Canada Emergency Response Benefit is a type of basic income and whether expanding it is misguided.
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COVID-driven car use is bad for our health: experts

Lawrence Frank, a UBC professor at the schools of population and public health and community and regional planning, gave comments about the impact of COVID-19 on public transit ridership in Metro Vancouver. He said a return to car-centric planning can potentially harm long-term health.
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MSP coverage not extended to everyone in B.C. despite promise

Srinivas Murthy, an infectious disease specialist at UBC leading a national research effort to improve clinical management of COVID-19, shared his disappointment at the recent announcement regarding limited MSP coverage for COVID-19 treatment.

The United States is going back to space. But we have some things to figure out on Earth first

UBC professors Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law, and Aaron Boley, Canada Research Chair in planetary astronomy, say Canada must decide whether it will follow the U.S.’ new position on space mining or forge its own path, in a new era where the long-standing rules of international space laws on who can exploit our solar system’s resources are being challenged.
Globe and Mail

A new hope for rethinking the aging journey

Dan Levitt, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of nursing, wrote about the impact of COVID-19 on older adults, particularly those residing in long-term care and assisted living settings, and how the crisis may be an opportunity to replace outdated living environments.
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You can visit Canada’s best parks and animal attractions even in lockdown

Forbes featured UBC Botanical Garden’s Greenheart TreeWalk, a 360-degree video tour that allows people to journey through the upper parts of the forest and provide access to the canopy with minimal impact on the trees or habitat.