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‘You’re out there alone’: whistleblowers say workplace abuse hides true impacts of B.C.’s trawl fishery

The Narwhal mentioned a study led by the Sea Around Us, a research initiative at UBC, that showed the impact of fisheries has been under-reported by about 50 per cent, meaning millions more tonnes of fish are being taken out of the oceans than official reports suggest.
The Narwhal

'Hate has no place in British Columbia,' says premier on rise in anti-Asian crimes

UBC history professor Henry Yu commented on the rise in hate crimes against people of Asian descent in B.C.

WeChat's surveillance of international users boosts censorship in China, researchers say

Paul Evans, a professor of Asian international relations at UBC, gave comments about a recent report that found documents and images sent between WeChat users with accounts registered outside China trigger censorship to users inside China.

Expert tips for getting your small-patio vegetable garden growing

Egan Davis, a horticulturist at the UBC Botanical Garden, shared how to re-grow food from kitchen scraps and set up container gardens.
Georgia Straight

Call for Code Announces top three COVID-19 solutions headed to development pipeline at IBM Think

Media highlighted COVID Impact tool, developed by UBC alumni, which allows financial risk analysis in an effort to help local small businesses suffering from the effects of COVID-19. One of the team members and computer science alumnus Ali Serag was interviewed.
Weather ChannelOutlook IndiaEconomic Times (India)Business in Vancouver

Lab-grown mini human organs may play key role in coronavirus drug development: Scientists

Media quoted UBC Life Sciences Institute director Josef Penninger about his research on COVID-19 and a technique that uses lab-grown tiny human organs to study viral diseases.
Times of IndiaOutlook India

Coronavirus ‘scapegoats’: Chinese-Canadians slam anti-Asian hate crimes, and China’s government too

Eleanor Yuen, former head of the Asian Library at UBC, was mentioned as one of the signatories calling Canada’s government to support an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and the responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party in suppressing the timely and full disclosure of information about the initial outbreak.
South China Morning PostYahoo (Singapore)Yahoo (Philippines)Yahoo (Malaysia)

Can I try on clothes at the store? Your COVID-19 questions answered

CBC asked Michael Curry, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine, how long a potential COVID-19 vaccine could last and whether it’s something we’ll have to get every year like the flu shot.

More domestic travel, sustainable tourism: What flying post-pandemic could look like

David Gillen, director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at UBC, thinks the psychological impact of the pandemic will slow people’s return to airports and international travel and until there is a vaccine, there will be significant changes to catching a flight.
CBC The Current

Millions of dollars of new aid for B.C. agriculture and food industries

Global interviewed Susanna Klassen, a UBC PhD candidate at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, about the impact of COVID-19 on B.C. agriculture and food industries.
Global (0:55 mark)

COVID-19: Reopening in a pandemic means big challenges for metro’s art galleries, museums

Bonnie Sun, senior marketing and communications manager at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology, spoke about reopening plans.
Vancouver SunThe Province

If you are having strange dreams, blame the pandemic

UBC emeritus psychology professor Stanley Coren spoke about dreams replaying certain fragmented aspects of what happened during the day. “If all you do is talk to people about how you might die from the coronavirus, your dreams are going to have that same emotional tone,” he said.
London Free Press

Queer Canadians ‘particularly vulnerable’ to effects of COVID-19

Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor at UBC’s school of nursing, spoke about the impact COVID-19 might have on LGBTQIA2S+ individuals and the need for increased mental health supports to ensure they aren’t being further discriminated against or disadvantaged.
The Tyee

Celebrate Mother’s Day with global feminist solidarity

Farah Shroff, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, wrote about acknowledging both the invisible and visible contributions of mothers and women during COVID-19, and supporting feminist movements that aim to strengthen women’s rights.
The Conversation

Modern Love Podcast: Gillian Jacobs reads ‘To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This’

Modern Love Podcast featured UBC creative writing adjunct professor Mandy Len Catron’s essay about a scientific experiment between strangers that may lead to deep connections, even love.
New York Times Modern Love Podcast