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Earth Day 2020 — the 50th anniversary will be the weirdest Earth Day ever

CBC’s Quirks & Quarks interviewed Philippe Tortell, a professor and head of UBC’s department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, about the history of Earth Day and how our understanding of the environment has changed in the last 50 years.
CBC Quirks & Quarks

'I think it's getting worse': Savannah Guthrie reveals she needs cataract surgery following eye injury

Kevin Gregory-Evans, a UBC professor in ophthalmology, gave comments about factors that can lead to a cataract.

UBCO engineering instructor designs small device with big impact for health workers

UBCO engineering professor Ray Taheri developed a flexible plastic oval designed to allow PPE face masks to be worn without the elastic bands cutting into backs of the wearer’s ears.

A sign of things to come? Temperature checks at T&T Supermarket

Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on T&T Supermarket’s decision to test customers for fever before they head inside to shop.

Physicians facing financial difficulty, struggle to keep practices running

Morad Hameed, head of UBC’s division of general surgery, says while physicians are worried about overhead costs, there’s an unprecedented level of collaboration and openness to change at the hospital allowing physicians to be very agile in the way they respond to the pandemic.
Globe and Mail

How to have a baby in Nelson during a pandemic

Tanya Momtazian, an adjunct midwifery professor at UBC, shared how COVID-19 has changed childbirths and pointed out that pregnant women’s risk of contracting the virus is no greater than for the larger population.
BC Local News

Roar radically forward, not back to a pathological system

Bill Rees, a professor emeritus of human ecology and ecological economics at UBC, was quoted about roaring back to a pathological society and economy post-COVID-19.
Times Colonist

We could power a new green movement by talking about energy change

Derek Gladwin, a professor in UBC’s department of language and literacy education and sustainability fellow at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, wrote about shifting the conversation about energy and reframing the story from a fossil fuel-based culture to one built on renewable energy.
The Conversation

Shrum Bowl revival could spark interest for SFU, UBC football programs

Kavie Toor, managing director of UBC athletics and recreation, gave comments about bringing back the Shrum Bowl, the crosstown showdown between the football programs of UBC Thunderbirds and SFU Clan.
National PostVancouver SunThe ProvinceMSN

Athletic scholarships the latest domino to fall in COVID-19 crisis

UBC track and field coach Laurier Primeau and athletics and recreation director Kavie Toor were quoted about how COVID-19 has impacted the athletic program.
National Post

All the free things you can do online during the coronavirus pandemic

The Museum of Anthropology at UBC is offering virtual tours of part of the museum along with archives and online collections.