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Magic mushrooms to treat depression? COMPASS Pathways pushes forward with U.S. patent for psilocybin therapy

UBC psychedelics researcher Kenneth Tupper was quoted about the clinical and scientific approach to the substances in psychedelic plants.
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U.S. children with coronavirus are less hard hit than adults, first data shows

Srinivas Murthy, UBC clinical pediatrics professor commented on a study that suggests many children have mild or undetected cases of COVID-19 and could be spreading the virus to others in their families and communities.
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Experts do not recommend using soap to wash vegetables and fruits

Siyun Wang, a professor of food safety engineering at UBC’s faculty of land and food systems, discussed what the consumers or businesses need to be aware of when it comes to buying, preparing and handling food during COVID-19.
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Pandemic experts put 'least weight' on recovery stats, look to hospitalizations

UBC mathematics professor Daniel Coombs says he would put the least weight on the recovery rate and pay more attention to the numbers of people in the hospital and intensive care units, and the numbers of deaths.
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B.C. epidemiologist warns not to get complacent over coronavirus as Easter approaches

Stephen Hoption Cann, an epidemiologist at UBC’s school of population and public health, spoke about the positive changes to B.C.’s numbers of reported COVID-19 cases and said if people see positive signs, they may think we’ve done enough but we’re really not at that stage yet.
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Coronavirus: How rapid testing kits could lead to more targeted screenings

Peter Phillips, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, says given the ongoing community spread, we need to be testing aggressively and not restrict testing to patients who are sick or health-care workers.

British PM moved to intensive care

CTV interviewed Kurt Huebner, a professor at the UBC Institute for European Studies, about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deteriorating health condition and foreign secretary Dominic Raab stepping up to run the country.

Despite the biggest deficit since the Second World War, Canada can afford this crisis

Kevin Milligan, a UBC professor at the Vancouver School of Economics, fully supports the government’s emergency spending measures but says the “emergency” part is the critical part, as Canada cannot be paying $2,000 a month forever.
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For the generation shaped by coronavirus, life may never fully return to ‘normal'

UBC clinical psychology professor Steven Taylor wrote in the Guardian about the psychological effects of a pandemic.

Pandemic panic sees seed sales spike

CBC interviewed Clare Cullen, an operations director of B.C. Eco Seed Co-op at the UBC Farm, about the seed distribution system that has been impacted by the pandemic.

UBC graduate student advocates for summer tuition waiver

UBCO PhD student Rina Garcia Chua is asking for summer tuition to be waived for graduate students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Matt Ramsey, director of university affairs at UBC, said the university is working with faculty supervisors and students to support alternative means for the graduate students to continue their scholarly development.

Building a better mask

Castanet featured VO2 Master, a startup co-founded by UBCO computer science alumnus Peter O’Brien, which is now manufacturing reusable respirators for front-line workers, providing filtering ability that is better than the N95 medical-grade face masks.