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15 surprising ways pollution could potentially affect your health

Business Insider mentioned a UBC study that looked at the effects of breathing in diesel fumes on DNA.
Business Insider

Science of spring: Why trees are the last plants to green up

Sally Aitken, a professor in the department of forest and conservation sciences, explained trees’ timetable for greening up and how they survive the winter.
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Denying the reality of the coronavirus has made it more dangerous for everyone

UBC clinical psychology professor Steven Taylor says denying the reality of the coronavirus stems partly from people’s natural “optimism bias.”

New study from UBC researcher outlines pathway toward blocking COVID-19 virus

Research led by UBC Life Sciences Institute director Josef Penninger found a trial drug that effectively blocks early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissue.
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Debunking COVID-19 immunity scams

UBC nursing professor Bernie Garrett commented on claims that certain nutrients can boost immunity against COVID-19.
CBC Marketplace (and here), Yahoo

Months-long isolation will take its toll on people's mental health, experts say

UBC psychologist Steven Taylor shared a few recommendations on how to protect mental health and stay connected during a pandemic.

‘A sinking feeling’: Canadian experts on when coronavirus first felt like a serious risk

Global featured 14 Canadian experts including two UBC members on the moment they knew the novel coronavirus was serious. Tom Koch, a medical geography professor and Horacio Bach, manager of the antibody engineering and proteomics facility were interviewed.

Coronavirus: How environmental destruction influences the emergence of pandemics

UBC population and public health professors Craig Stephen and Chelsea Himsworth were quoted in a story on the transmission of diseases from animals to people.

The power and danger of our new top question: How are you?

UBC health psychologist Anita DeLongis says asking people “how are you” is like opening an overfilled closet with their experiences of the pandemic. There’s a need for people to express what they’re going through and to share that experience.
Globe and Mail

Experts lend credence to concerns that China played down COVID-19 impacts

Wenran Jiang, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, commented on the allegations against China about concealing the scale of the COVID-19 infection and death rates.
Globe and Mail

Canada won’t retaliate against U.S. ban on medical supplies exports: PM

Werner Antweiler, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on the North American supply chains and said there is a very strong case that we need to stand in solidarity with our neighbors in the U.S.
Globe and Mail

What is the end game? Ontario's stark modelling forecast could help Canadians cope with COVID-19

Judy Illes, a neurology professor and Canada Research Chair in neuroethics at UBC, was quoted in an article about Ontario’s forecast of COVID-19 deaths. She says information engenders trust, and trust engenders resilience.
National Post

Should Canada give out ‘immunity passports’ for people who have beaten COVID-19?

UBC clinical pediatrics professor Srinivas Murthy gave comments about COVID-19 immunity.
The Star (subscription)

For some Canadians, this is the second half of the coronavirus battle. With family overseas, they’ve lived it for months

The Star quoted Yue Qian, a professor in UBC’s department of sociology, about coronavirus as a global battle and the difference in the effectiveness of quarantine and social distancing measures between countries.
The Star (subscription)

Did you get a chance at life? And other questions if ventilators run short

Michael McDonald, former head of UBC’s Centre for Applied Ethics, was interviewed about ventilator triage and ethics associated with rationing medical care.
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COVID-19: 'Zoombombers' hitting with regularity as apps like Zoom gain in popularity

UBC electrical and computer engineering professor Karthik Pattabiraman says the online meeting app Zoom is particularly vulnerable to hacking because the company designed it without the security measures that are standard in the cybercommunity.
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COVID-19: Vancouver real estate now a 'riskier' asset, causing mortage rates to rise

Tsur Somerville, a professor and director at the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, gave comments about the real estate mortgage interest rates and COVID-19 financial uncertainties.
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Has B.C. got it right on COVID-19 testing?

Peter Phillips, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, says B.C.’s restrictive testing policy undermines the ability of public health to be successful in containing further spread in the community.
The Tyee

A perfect storm — COVID-19 and the opioid crisis

UBC law professor Benjamin Perrin co-authored an op-ed calling for immediate action on the opioid crisis amidst a spike in overdose deaths in Vancouver.
Vancouver Sun

Feeling stressed? Help a stranger, psychologists say

Frances Chen, an associate professor of psychology and Yeeun Lee, a PhD student in psychology at UBC, suggested a few strategies for coping with the COVID-19 crisis.
Vancouver Sun

Struggling to marshal collective action against COVID-19

Political science professor Yves Tiberghien and other experts called on nations to collaborate to fight the pandemic and said effective multilateralism is more urgently needed today than ever.
East Asia Forum

B.C. international students left out of aid fund

UBC is providing information to international students about health insurance and options for financial assistance available through the institution.
Globe and Mail

'Toor de UBC' during COVID-19 has been crazy for new athletic director

The Province interviewed Kavie Toor about his first few weeks as UBC’s managing director of athletics and recreation.
The Province