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The battle to save our oceans from an invisible threat

Vice interviewed Rashid Sumaila, a professor and director of the fisheries economics research unit at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, about improving biodiversity and a more equitable system for the marine ecosystem.
Vice (UK)

The fear of coronavirus is changing our psychology

UBC psychology professor Mark Schaller spoke to BBC about how behavioural immune system, a mechanism and the first line of defense to reduce our contact with potential pathogens, shifts us psychologically and socially.

How to protect vulnerable seniors amid COVID-19

Global interviewed Roger Wong, a UBC clinical professor in geriatric medicine, about how to protect vulnerable seniors during COVID-19.

'There could be a rapid bounce back': Experts believe economy can recover fast after pandemic

UBC Sauder professors James Brander and Mark Thompson commented on the economic recovery from COVID-19.

Canadian cities: less traffic means less pollution

Michael Brauer, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health, discussed greenhouse gas emissions and the respiratory health effects of air pollution.
Radio CanadaThe Star (subscription)

Educators, parents face a new challenge: how do you teach children online?

UBC education professor Marina Milner-Bolotin spoke about what the next three months would look like for students, teachers and parents, and some challenges associated with e-learning.
The Star (subscription)

COVID-19: UBC researchers propose potential roadmap to ease restrictions, fight pandemic

Guy Dumont, a UBC electrical and computer engineering professor, was interviewed about a paper he co-wrote which proposes a potential roadmap to ease social gathering restrictions without risking new outbreaks. Co-authors Greg Stewart, a UBC adjunct professor, and Klaske van Heusden, a UBC research associate, were mentioned.
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Corporate directors should keep people safe, communication lines open

UBC adjunct professors Harj Sangra and Rod Talaifar at Peter A. Allard School of Law, say companies may be judged on environmental, social and governance actions, and discussed key issues to examine during the COVID-19 crisis.
Business in Vancouver

COVID-19 treatments? B.C scientists are hot on the case

The Tyee reported that the research team led by Artem Cherkasov, a UBC professor of urological sciences, has received $999,000 from the federal government’s new fund for COVID-19 research, and interviewed him about their approach.
The Tyee

MSP expands to cover virus

UBC clinical pediatrics professor Srinivas Murthy stressed the importance of covering COVID-19 related care for everyone and said barriers to healthcare would only increase the risk.

Notion, maker of collaboration software, raises $50 million

The New York Times featured Ivan Zhao, founder of workplace productivity start-up Notion, which aims to be an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, knowledge and data management, project and task management.
New York Times (subscription)