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A 'really weird new normal': Parents, students grapple with learning at home amid pandemic

UBC education professor Marina Milner-Bolotin believes the coronavirus pandemic can lead to higher-quality e-learning in Canada.

Air pollution eases in four Canadian cities as pandemic measures keep people home

CBC spoke to Michael Brauer, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health, about the impact of pandemic measures on greenhouse gas emissions.

What is a ventilator and who gets one if COVID-19 turns catastrophic in Canada?

UBC clinical pediatrics professor Srinivas Murthy commented on the supply of ventilators in Canada and the COVID-19 survival rates after ventilation.

UBC-based team race against time to design, build, test and distribute low-cost emergency ventilators

A team of UBC doctors, medical students and engineers are collaborating to design and build a prototype of a simple, effective and affordable ventilator to help save lives. UBC medicine professor Christopher Nguan was interviewed.

Wildfire service, researchers warn of dangers of smoke during coronavirus pandemic

UBC medicine professors Michael Brauer, Christopher Carlsten and Sarah Henderson, explained how air pollution can worsen symptoms caused by COVID-19 and how we can reduce air pollution levels in B.C.

Many Canadian universities are allowing undergrads to 'freeze' grades amid COVID-19

CTV spoke to Matthew Ramsey, director of university affairs, about UBC’s response to COVID-19 regarding academic assessments.

With COVID-19 testing criteria restricted in Canada, can we be sure we are flattening the curve?

Peter Phillips, a clinical professor in UBC’s division of infectious diseases, commented on how the data on reported cases is imperfect and shared his concerns about Canada claiming it’s flattening the curve while testing criteria remains limited in many jurisdictions.
National Post

Alberta education cuts amount to over 20,000 likely support staff layoffs

UBC inclusive education researcher Shelley Moore spoke about the value of assisted learning and how the funding cuts towards at-home learning often impact the most vulnerable learners.
Huffington Post

Canadian universities heed the call for help in the fight against COVID-19

University Affairs highlighted the BC Medical Student COVID-19 Response Group, comprised of doctors-in-training from UBC, that works with professors, working doctors, and dentists to organize a donation drive by gathering surgical masks, N95 masks, gowns, gloves and eyewear donated from medical and dental clinics, labs, and businesses that don’t need them.
University Affairs

Benjamin Perrin's Overdose begs conservative readers to embrace progressive solutions to the opioid crisis

Georgia Straight spoke to Benjamin Perrin, a UBC professor at Peter A. Allard School of Law, about his new book on Canada’s overdose crisis and the increased risk for long-time drug users during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Georgia Straight

Tiny virus, big picture

The Tyee asked UBC architecture and landscape architecture professor Patrick Condon about how the pandemic will change our way of life. He predicts a drastic increase in remote work and a continued slide in our civic infrastructure and reduced taxpayer support for these functions.
The Tyee

COVID-19’s other symptom? Viral misinformation

The Tyee interviewed UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor about the history and psychology behind misinformation during a pandemic and how to filter out false information.
The Tyee

COVID-19 and the crisis in corrections

Debra Parkes, a UBC professor and chair in feminist legal studies at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, wrote about reducing the number of people in prison during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vancouver Sun