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She’s discovered more planets than you have

UBC astronomy student Michelle Kunimoto has discovered 17 new planets, including one located in the habitable zone, by searching through data gathered by NASA’s Kepler mission.
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Do you *really* need eye cream?

Flare asked Monica Li, a clinical instructor at UBC’s department of dermatology and skin science, whether or not we should really use eye cream, and how to care for the under-eye area.

How the pandemic will end

The Atlantic quoted UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor in an article about how the pandemic could play out.
AtlanticMSN (UK)MSN (Australia)MSN (Canada)

The Front Line: How are Chinese overseas students coping with the pandemic

CGTN interviewed UBC student Zhou Xueyan about the racism she has experienced during COVID-19 pandemic and the campaign encouraging people to wear “C for coronavirus not China” on their masks to fight the stigma.

Non-essential businesses in Ontario to close

Global interviewed UBC adjunct professor of medical geography Tom Koch about business closures.
Global Toronto (29:00 mark)

Coronavirus is reshaping the way we get around cities

Lawrence Frank, a UBC professor at the school of population and public health, discussed decreased traffic and urban personal travel due to COVID-19, and drastic reduction of air pollution.
Globe and Mail

Western Canada: Heed the coronavirus lesson to be learned about gatherings from a B.C. dental conference

UBC adjunct professor of medical geography Tom Koch says COVID-19 has fooled us every step of the way and the assumptions based on our knowledge of other coronaviruses have been wrong. So the early estimations of what a “safe gathering” might be, in size, has shrunk as we learned.
Globe and Mail

Canada’s airlines and other major industries will need billions in bailouts to offset COVID-19 effects, say experts

Tae Hoon Oum, a professor emeritus at the Sauder School of Business, spoke about financial assistance for the airline industry as, without help, the smaller airlines will likely go bankrupt.
The Star (subscription)

COVID-19 pandemic is laying bare weaknesses in Canadian food systems: expert

Graham Riches, emeritus professor and former director at UBC’s school of social work, spoke about how the pandemic is impacting Canada’s food systems.
News 1130

COVID-19: Next few weeks 'very, very difficult,' but Italy-type numbers not expected here: officials

Daniel Coombs, a professor in UBC’s department of mathematics, commented on the transmission rate and B.C.’s suppression measures to control pandemic growth.
Vancouver SunThe ProvinceMSN

COVID-19: B.C. medical students step up to help doctors, nurses and first responders

UBC medicine students Vivian Tsang and Devon Mitchell were interviewed about their volunteer team that is providing support to overstretched health-care workers during the outbreak.
Vancouver SunThe ProvinceMSN

Vancouver sign-language interpreter takes it to next level, gains following during crisis

Postmedia featured Nigel Howard, an adjunct professor in UBC’s department of linguistics, about his role as an American sign language interpreter in the daily news conferences on the COVID-19 situation in B.C.
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Protecting seniors during COVID-19 outbreak

Fairchild TV interviewed Roger Wong,  a UBC clinical professor in geriatric medicine, about how to protect seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of physical distancing, and how seniors can stay socially engaged.
Fairchild TV

$5.1 million given to UBC to pursue coronavirus research

The federal government has provided UBC researchers with a total of $5.1 million in funding towards research on detecting, managing, and reducing the transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
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Can empathy help beat a pandemic?

The Tyee interviewed UBC health psychologists Nancy Sin and Anita DeLongis about their survey that aims to collect information on people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
The Tyee

We must pace ourselves for the mental health marathon ahead

Joanna Cheek, a UBC clinical professor in the faculty of medicine, wrote about how to cope with the pandemic uncertainty and finding a sustainable way to optimize our mental health.
The Province

No, they're not stupid

Corinne Crockett, an adjunct professor at UBCO’s school of nursing, wrote about people responding differently to COVID-19 and the irrational behaviour that comes with uncertainty and dramatic change.

UBC announces Term 1 of summer classes will be held online

UBC announced term 1 of the summer session at UBC Vancouver, UBC Okanagan and UBC Robson Square will be online.
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UBC Okanagan names Heat Athletic Awards finalists

UBCO honoured and recognized the top varsity athletes for the 2020 Heat Athletic Awards.
Kelowna Capital News