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Global Storybooks

Bonny Norton, a professor in UBC’s department of language and literacy education, spoke about her open multilingual literacy portal which digitizes and makes stories freely available in different African languages.
SAfm Jet Set Breakfast

Can grapes be protected from wildfire smoke taint?

UBCO researchers developed a preventative strategy to protect wine grapes from volatile compounds present in smoke. The study author and UBCO chemistry professor Wes Zandberg was interviewed.
Wine Spectator

Vancouver scientists head up four-year international wildfire study

Vancouver Courier interviewed UBC forestry professors Lori Daniels and Dominik Roeser about their project which will examine the proliferation of wildfires in different global regions.
Vancouver Courier

Are Minnesota summer camps scared off from telling scary stories?

Leslie Paris, a professor in UBC’s department of history, spoke about the significance of storytelling at summer camps.
Star Tribune

The smaller is better movement in nuclear power

M.V. Ramana, a professor and Simons Chair in disarmament, global and human security at UBC, says as renewable prices plummet, nuclear power just can’t compete and a lot of nuclear plants are now unprofitable or scheduled to close.
Mother Jones

Putting proper hand washing to the test

UBC nursing student Vida Jovanovic demonstrated proper hand washing techniques.

Winnipeg's Uber drivers will require same checks as taxi cabs, city says

Garland Chow, a professor emeritus at the UBC Sauder School of Business, gave comments about the pros and cons of having ride-hailing services.

Don't expect lower gasoline prices linked to oil plunge to last: Expert

UBC Sauder School of Business professor Werner Antweiler says people should not get their hopes up for a gasoline price decrease over a prolonged period of time.
Postmedia via Vancouver SunThe Province

Appearing wealthy on social media has become its own industry

UBC developmental psychology professor Jennifer Shapka commented on the online “flex” culture and building inauthentic online identities.

More needs to be done to protect all fish

UBC zoologist Eric Taylor spoke about the proper way to treat fish populations.
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News

The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus panic buy

Media quoted UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor about panic buying.
CNNParentsYahooRadio CanadaGlobal

Coronavirus: Markets rally, Italy on lockdown, and Trump allies under self-quarantine

UBC clinical pediatrics professor Srinivas Murthy says the health experts are trying to figure out why age is a primary feature of this infection, but don’t have the answer from a biological perspective.

Cancel some events, but COVID-19 shouldn't force moratorium on all public gatherings, experts say

Stephen Hoption Cann, a clinical professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, commented on cancelling large events and the risk of transmission.

What should older people and snowbirds do to protect themselves against the coronavirus?

The Globe and Mail spoke to Michael Curry, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine, about why older adults are at greater risk from COVID-19 and some precautions people can take.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

No plans to block cruise ships from docking in Vancouver despite COVID-19 concerns

Michael Curry, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine, gave comments about the need for weighing the pros and cons of shutting down cruise industry.
News 1130

Canada’s economy is reeling from the one-two punch of coronavirus and the oil shock. Here’s how Ottawa can respond

Kevin Milligan, a professor at the Vancouver School of Economics, says tax credits and emergency payments would help people minimize the financial damage.
The Star (subscription)

Coronavirus and your mental health: Two experts explain why we panic and how to cope

The Star interviewed UBC psychology professors Yue Qian and Jiaying Zhao about the mental health impact of COVID-19 and the best ways to cope with anxiety surrounding the disease.
The Star (subscription)

Coronavirus is already taking a toll on Canada's front-line health-care workers

UBC psychiatry professor Steven Taylor spoke about the importance of stress management for health care workers.

Rural living in Burns Lake for UBC students

BC Local News featured UBC’s community field experience program which aims to help teacher candidates develop a broader view of education beyond traditional classroom settings.
BC Local News