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This astronomy student found 17 new exoplanets -- and one is potentially habitable

UBC astronomy student Michelle Kunimoto has discovered 17 new planets, including a potentially habitable rocky Earth-like planet, by searching through data gathered by NASA’s Kepler mission.
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Malaysia finds a polarized place in the Trump-Brexit world

Media mentioned a paper co-written by Kai Ostwald, a UBC professor in the school of public policy and global affairs and the department of political science, that describes Malaysia’s 2018 election, reform, and democratization.
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An ancient empire hiding in plain sight, and the billion-dollar cost of illegal fishing

Rashid Sumaila, a professor at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the school of public policy and global affairs, was interviewed about his study on the economic effects of illicit trade in marine fish catch.
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3 science-backed ways to 'earn' more time

Inverse highlighted a new study co-conducted by UBC researchers that showed buying time promotes happiness, and quoted lead author Ashley Whillans, who did her PhD work at UBC, and Elizabeth Dunn, a professor in the department of psychology.

UBC expert among health officials trying to contain COVID-19 outbreak

Global interviewed Srinivas Murthy, a clinical pediatrics professor at UBC, about some unanswered questions about COVID-19.

UBCO researchers create technology to help protect grapes from wildfire smoke

UBCO researchers developed a preventative strategy to protect wine grapes from volatile compounds present in smoke. The study author and UBCO chemistry professor Wesley Zandberg was quoted.
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'Revolution is alive': Canada protests spawn climate and Indigenous rights movement

Glen Coulthard, a UBC professor in political science and the First Nations and Indigenous studies program, says governments are working hard to paint protesters in a negative light in order to discredit the broader issues being raised.

Northern Canada could be left out in the cold if Ottawa passes Huawei 5G ban

Michael Byers, an Arctic affairs expert at UBC, was quoted about the threat posed by Huawei’s potential monopoly on communication infrastructure in the Arctic.

'It's outrageous': Costly cancer drugs thrown out because of one-size-fits-all packaging

CBC spoke to Alan Cassels, a drug policy researcher at UBC’s Therapeutics Initiative, about the drug waste problem and the negotiating process.

Is car insurance cheaper in the provinces with government-run insurance plans?

Werner Antweiler, professor of economics at the UBC Sauder School of Business, gave comments about introducing private insurance in B.C.
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Expanding capital gains tax would be very short-sighted approach to fighting the federal deficit

Kevin Milligan, a professor at the Vancouver School of Economics, commented on Bill Morneau’s tax-reform proposals.
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New cycling study classifies, rates Metro Vancouver's bikeways

Kay Teschke, a professor emeritus at UBC’s school of population and public health, says having bike route information and other cycling data available to the public will allow municipalities to see how they compare with others and hopefully spur action.
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New DNA test that reveals a child’s true age has promise, but ethical pitfalls

Michael S. Kobor, a UBC medical genetics professor, co-wrote about potential benefits and risks of using pediatric epigenetic clocks.
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Universities work hard to improve diversity, but the challenge is an evolving one

The Globe and Mail quoted Ninan Abraham, a professor of microbiology at UBC’s faculty of science, and Sarah Jane-Finlay, associate vice-president, equity and inclusion, for a story on efforts to improve staff diversity.
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