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Study: Smelling a lover’s shirt may improve sleep

A new UBC study by UBC graduate student Marlise Hofer and professor Frances Chen in UBC’s department of psychology, provides new evidence that sleeping with a partner’s scent improves sleep quality.
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She spent 4 years in a men’s prison — how Canada often ignores complexities in trans violence

Global quoted Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor at UBC’s school of nursing, about high levels of violence or discrimination towards trans and non-binary youth in Canada.

Thinning climate change

New UBCO research by Adam Wei, a professor of earth, environmental and geographic sciences, suggests the “thinning” method could benefit tree growth and water supply and ultimately help fight against climate change.

The coronavirus crisis is driving a sudden thaw in Canada-China relations

Wenran Jiang, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, says Canada’s assistance in China’s fight against the epidemic have been extremely well-received in China.

Independent cinemas accuse Cineplex of shutting them out of market for top films

UBC academics commented on independent cinemas’ complaints that they are shut out of popular films. Tom Ross, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, says the cinemas could have a strong case, and film professor Ernest Mathijs talked about the importance of independent theatres for different cultural appetites.

Inuk woman jailed after reporting domestic abuse

Isabel Grant, a UBC professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, was quoted about a case involving charging victims of domestic violence.
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Blockades targeting economy could have long-term impact on future infrastructure investment

UBC sociology professor David Tindall says the Wet’suwet’en protests and blockades could have long-term effects on Canada’s international reputation as a place to invest in large infrastructure projects.

From shame to pride: Why I lost my Cantonese and want to get it back

Zoe Lam, a Cantonese instructor in UBC’s department of Asian studies, says many Canadian-Cantonese millennials are self-conscious about their Canadian accent due to a combination of racism from dominant mainstream society, as well as pressure from their own families.
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Why B.C. should introduce universal contraception coverage in this year's budget

Morgan Haines and Janice Mok, third-year medical students at UBC and members of the UBC Medicine Political Advocacy Committee, wrote about universal access to contraception.

The rule of law cuts both ways. Some Coastal GasLink protesters are ignoring that

Adam Pankratz, a lecturer at the UBC Sauder School of Business, wrote an article calling out the Coastal GasLink protesters and discussing the complexity of the situation.
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Working to build Canada's network of stem cell donors

Media highlighted the Stem Cell Club which aims to improve the stem cell donor database in Canada, and interviewed the founder Warren Fingrut, a hematology resident physician at UBC.
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UBC professors' Reckoning offers a timely treatise on journalism in the midst of an Indigenous-led resistance

Georgia Straight featured a new book by UBC academics Candis Callison and Mary Lynn Young, which explores the impact of white masculinity and conventional notions of media objectivity.
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