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Cows get mooody during puberty, too

Smithsonian Magazine highlighted a UBC study by Nina Von Keyserlingk, a professor of animal welfare at the faculty of land and food systems, shows dairy cows pass through personality changes during puberty much like humans do.
Smithsonian Magazine

'No snow': Climate change is challenging ski resorts across the globe

The Weather Channel mentioned a new UBCO study by Michael Pidwirny, a professor in the department of earth, environmental geographic sciences, which predicted that the majority of North America’s ski resorts could face shorter seasons if global greenhouse gas emissions aren’t curbed.
Weather Channel

How we map epidemics

CityLab featured UBC adjunct professor of medical geography Tom Koch’s research on epidemics and their history across the world.

Smelling your lover's shirt improves sleep quality, new research suggests

A new UBC study by UBC graduate student Marlise Hofer and professor Frances Chen in UBC’s department of psychology, provides new evidence that sleeping with a partner’s scent improves sleep efficiency.
Daily MailYahoo (UK)CTV

Know how exercise is really good for the brain

UBC research showed regular aerobic exercise appears to boost the brain area involved in learning and emotions.
Economic Times

Corporate boards benefit from female representation

CFAX 1070 interviewed Kai Li, a professor of finance at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about his new study that found companies with women on corporate boards are more innovative and efficient.
CFAX 1070

First Nations fisherman wants seal hunt revived

Media highlighted a study by Carl Walters and Andrew Trites, marine mammal specialists at UBC, which looked at the correlations between seal densities and salmon productivity.
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The limit of protests and their value, concerning Coastal GasLink

UBC sociology professor David Tindall was interviewed about the pros and cos of disruptive protests.
CBC BC Today (16:25 mark)

My husband won’t wear his CPAP machine. Are there alternatives to help him have a healthy sleep?

Najib Ayas, a professor in UBC’s division of critical care medicine, says there is huge variability in terms of how sleep-apnea care is provided across Canada.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

From crude oil to yogurt, here’s how the railway protests are disrupting Canadian supply chains

David Gillen, director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at the UBC Sauder School of Business, commented on the economic impact of the CN strike.
The Star (subscription)

Echoes of Idle No More: Demonstrations halt parts of Canada in support of Wet’suwet’en

Candis Callison, a professor at the UBC graduate school of journalism, spoke about the RCMP’s tactical response in Wet’suewet’en camps and the Indigenous rights.

Outbreak orientalism, from the plague to coronavirus: Why is the West so quick to blame China when pandemics strike?

Timothy Brook, a professor of Chinese history at UBC, wrote about blaming China as the wellspring of global pandemics.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

'You just spiral': UBC president who overcame mental health crisis determined to help Canadian students

Santa Ono, UBC president and vice chancellor, was interviewed about mental health and his experience living with depression and bipolar disorder.
CBC The Current

Vancouver 2010: Olympic venues’ legacy measured not just in dollars

Media mentioned UBC’s Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre and interviewed Kavie Toor, senior director of facilities.
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