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Who is really eating meat-free? Studies offer widely varying answers

New research by Mirjana Valdes, a nutrition researcher at UBC’s faculty of land and food systems, looked at common conceptions of vegan or vegetarian diets. Rather than asking people whether they are vegan or vegetarian, the study asked what foods they never eat.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province

'Happier people live longer': UBC prof to study how you can boost your happiness levels

UBC psychology professor Nancy Sin discussed her study that will examine how happiness levels can be boosted and what interventions can lift the set point.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The ProvinceRegina Leader-Post

'Hopeful for the future:' Replanting may not be enough to reverse lost habitat for caribou

Edmonton media featured a new UBC study that suggests replanting seismic lines may not be enough to restore the caribou habitat. Study authors Cole Burton, a professor at UBC’s faculty of forestry and former forestry student Erin Tattersall were interviewed.
Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun

10 species still around that might not be in 2020

Kai Chan, a professor at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability believes that species that are most likely to go extinct by 2030 are those that we know little about.

Why we put climate concerns on hold for the holiday season

CBC spoke to Katherine White, a marketing professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about the challenges involved in making sustainable choices during the holiday season.

The first baby born in B.C. in 2000 is hopeful and a little wary about the next decade

Paul Kershaw, a policy professor at UBC and founder of advocacy group Generation Squeeze discussed the different economic challenges for Gen-X, millennials and post-millennials.

Sask. restaurants had 31,700 health violations in 3 years, but 0 fines were issued

Population and public health emeritus professor Richard Mathias says there should be consequences for repeat health violations by restaurants.
CBC Saskatoon

Doubling of health coverage fees adds to financial squeeze for B.C. international students

The Globe and Mail interviewed UBC members Mashal Butt, a graduate student, Cristina Ilnitchi, student union vice-president of external affairs, and Damara Klaassen, executive director of UBC’s International Student Initiative, about affordability and increased fees for international students.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

The fashion and beauty trends we’ll be talking about in the next decade

UBC dermatology and skin science clinical assistant professor Shannon Humphrey says people will generally become even more accepting of non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers over the next decade.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

Should Vancouver get rid of its golf courses?

Architecture and landscape architecture professor Patrick Condon commented on alternative uses for Vancouver’s golf courses.
CKNW Simi Sara Show

Here's what Canadians can expect if U.S. President Trump wins again in 2020

Business and international trade expert Werner Antweiler commented on what could happen in Canada if Donald Trump is reelected.

Year in review: Trans Mountain expansion gets green light, again

UBC political science professor Richard Johnston spoke to Business in Vancouver about the impact of First Nations groups seeking equity stakes in the pipeline project.
BIV via Vancouver Courier, North Shore NewsBurnaby Now, Tri-City NewsTimes Colonist

React badly to caffeine intake? Maybe it's your genes brewing

Pharmaceutical sciences professor Corey Nislow discussed the genetic reasons behind people’s different reactions to caffeine.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province

New urban parks are more than big grassy fields for playing sports

Architecture and landscape architecture professor Susan Herrington highlighted how parks can facilitate social interactions between people.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun, The Province

2019 Newsmaker of the Year: Greta Thunberg put climate change on the front page

David Tindall, a UBC sociologist who studies social movements, was interviewed about the climate emergency movement.
Business in Vancouver

Xi Jinping, Winnie the Pooh and the Canadian origins of the bear that’s banned in China

Florian Gassner, who specializes in the role of censorship in society, says the target of China’s Winnie the Pooh ban is internal, not external.
South China Morning Post

The amazingly cool Anna’s hummingbird scoffs at winter

A Tyee article on Anna’s hummingbird quoted UBC zoologist Doug Altshuler, who studies the biomechanics of their flight.

Manage holiday stress

Derrick Wirtz, a psychology instructor and director of UBCO’s PhD program in psychological sciences, shared helpful tips for boosting happiness and staying positive for the holiday season.

Testing drivers for cannabis is hard. Here's why

CNN Business mentioned that Cannabix Technologies is partnering with UBC researchers to develop THC breathalyzer devices.
CNN Business

B.C. mill bucks trend with expansion amid downturn in forest industry

CBC highlighted Brock Commons Tallwood House, an 18-storey residence at UBC and interviewed  Angelique Pilon, the director of innovation at UBC’s Sustainability Initiative.

'The wounds never go away': Baby Y-Dang named after Cambodian refugee camp remembers Canadian arrival

CBC interviewed Y-Dang Troeung, a professor in UBC’s Asian Canadian and Asian migration studies, about her advocacy work in helping new refugees to Canada.
CBC, Yahoo

Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology combines earthquake science with Indigenous knowledge

The Globe and Mail featured a new exhibition at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology which features different ways of understanding earthquakes and interviewed the exhibit’s co-curator Jill Baird.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

B.C. youth parliamentarians put fresh voices to work at legislature

Ranil Prasad, a UBC student in human geography and political science, was quoted about the diversity in B.C.’s Youth Parliament.
Times ColonistVancouver CourierTri-City News

What we’ll remember from 2019

University Affairs mentioned the decolonization efforts of the UBC-based Indigitization project.
The article also quoted UBC scientist Sarah Otto about changing animals at a genetic level.
University Affairs