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U of Sask. researchers developing health app that can simplify medicine labels

Khalad Hasan, a UBCO professor in computer science, helped U of Sask. researchers integrate image recognition technology into a new app that highlights important information on medicine labels.

UBC Okanagan students redesign donation bins for safety issues

Global interviewed UBCO engineering professor Ray Taheri and his student Noah Campbell about a number of new, safer clothing donation bins.

B.C. forestry course fights climate change

OMNI News interviewed forestry professor Feng Jiang about UBC’s forest bioeconomy sciences and technology program.

Canadians rescue eagle locked in mortal combat with octopus

Laura Parfrey, a botany and zoology professor at UBC’s faculty of science, commented on the video that captured a battle between an octopus and an eagle.

This anti-racism adviser criticized PM's blackface. She says it cost her federal job

Handel Wright, professor of education and director of UBC’s Centre for Culture, Identity and Education, gave comments about a former federal employee who resigned after publicly criticizing Justin Trudeau for wearing blackface.

Calgary investment platform The51 aims to boost funding for women-led businesses

The Globe and Mail spoke to Christie Stephenson, executive director of the Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about a Calgary investment platform which aims to support Canada’s underutilized female wealth.
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Facing mass job losses, they built their futures around LNG, a cleaner alternative to oil. Now some say the bottom is falling out again

Werner Antweiler, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, spoke about the downside of using LNG such as significant greenhouse gas emissions produced during the liquification process.
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Vancouver is finally using transit, and in droves. So the system should be declared essential

Adam Pankratz, a lecturer at the UBC Sauder School of Business, wrote about the need to declare transit an essential service.
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If in doubt, let them out — children have the right to play

Mariana Brussoni, a pediatrics professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, co-wrote an article about facilitating active outdoor play for children’s healthy development.
The Conversation

Forget the log cabin. Wood buildings are climbing skyward — with pluses for the planet

An 18-storey residence at UBC was mentioned in the Washington Post as the tallest wooden building in North America.
SF Gate

What publishing as a lead author has taught me

Nature interviewed Stephanie Ellis, a cell biologist who did her PhD on fruit flies at UBC, about publishing a high-impact journal.

Asteroid sample mission unveils target site for daring touch-and-go attempt

The Globe and Mail interviewed Manar Al Asad, a UBC researcher at the department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences and a member of an international science team attempting to bring a piece of the astroid Bennu back to Earth.
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Peter Ward comes clean on the last 400 years or so of personal cleanliness

Peter Ward, a history professor at UBC, wrote a book about the history of personal hygiene in Europe and North America.
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West side restaurateur feeds east side kids

Postmedia mentioned Fresh Roots executive director and UBC alumnus in land and food systems Marc Schutzbank, for the organization’s work on student-farming.
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