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The pros and cons of keto cycling, according to health and medical experts

NBC mentioned a study co-authored by Jonathan P. Little, a professor at UBCO’s school of health and exercise sciences, that looked at the impact of cycling on and off the keto diet.

Study considers use of piece rates in B.C.’s agricultural sector

Indo-Canadian Voice featured a UBC study co-written by Karen Taylor, an adjunct professor in agricultural economy at UBC’s faculty of land and food systems, on the economic impact of piece rates in B.C.
Indo-Canadian Voice

What do Canadians think of China and the United States?

Policy Options highlighted a UBC survey on Canadians’ attitudes towards China and Canada-China Relations.
Policy Options

Special needs students vulnerable as B.C. teachers, province remain at odds

UBC’s Human Early Learning Partnership released a report discussing variability of child vulnerability rates in B.C.
Vancouver CourierNew Westminster RecordPrince George Matters

Scientists have found an unlikely ally in the fight to save coral reefs

Ravi Maharaj, a researcher in ecology and marine biology, commented on a new study that found using underwater speakers playing real sounds of flourishing reefs fools fish into returning.

The gig economy keeps growing, but its workers are fed up

Sylvia Fuller, a sociology professor at UBC, gave comments about the concept of the gig economy work.

Study finds link between dementia and lack of sleep

The Globe and Mail spoke to Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Canada research chair in physical activity, mobility and cognitive neuroscience at UBC’s faculty of medicine, about the effect of good-quality sleep on the brain.
Globe and Mail (subscription)

Forget the log cabin. Wood buildings are climbing skyward — with pluses for the planet

An 18-storey residence at UBC was mentioned in the Washington Post as the tallest wooden building in North America.
Washington Post

B.C.'s new forestry course absorbs international students and Canada's first research on renewable energy economy

Ming Pao featured UBC’s bachelor of science in forest bioeconomy sciences and technology and mentioned director Scott Renneckar and forestry professor Feng Jiang.
Ming Pao

UBC says law school benefactor can't appeal degrees decision

Media reported that UBC opposes Peter A. Allard’s appeal of naming decision.
Vancouver SunThe ProvinceTimes Colonist