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How getting sued for workplace discrimination can lead to more diverse teams

Forbes highlighted a study co-conducted by Elizabeth Hirsh, a professor in UBC’s department of sociology, which demonstrated how market and legal pressures interact to affect workplace practices and managerial diversity.

Give to charity and it’ll make you feel better, wealthy told as donations drop

Forbes mentioned research by Elizabeth Dunn, a professor at UBC’s department of psychology, which explored the correlation between happiness and charitable giving.

Spinal-cord stimulator 'really promising': Survivor moves legs for first time since Humboldt bus crash

Postmedia highlighted collaborative UBC research on spinal-cord stimulators.
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Gamblers more likely to 'chase losses' after boozing, study finds

CTV featured research led by Luke Clark, director of the Centre for Gambling Research at UBC, which examined the effect of alcohol on gamblers irrational decisions.

Do babies cry in different languages?

Janet Werker, director of the UBC Infant Studies Centre, was quoted in an article about babies’ first sounds.
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What the health?! Woman removes four live worms from her eye after jogging

Simon Holland, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of ophthalmology and visual science, and William Bowie, a professor in the division of infectious diseases, spoke about the rarity of parasitic eye infections.

'It's torture': Is a mysterious cannabis-related illness underdiagnosed in Canada?

CBC quoted Ian Mitchell, a clinical professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine, about the effect of neem oil overdose.

So you went to the climate strike … now what?

UBC geography student Kai Vorland wrote an article about proactive activism and the ongoing process of becoming sustainable.
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UBC advises exchange students in Hong Kong to leave amid clashes

Murali Chandrashekaran, UBC vice-provost for international students, released a statement reaching out to UBC exchange students in Hong Kong.
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UBC exhibit of rare books and artifacts chronicles 100 years of queer history

CBC highlighted the exhibition “A Queer Century, 1869 – 1969” which runs to the end of the year at UBCO’s Special Collections Library, and interviewed the curators Gregory Mackie, a UBC English professor, and Kyle Frackman, a German and Scandinavian studies professor.

Stem cell donors wanted. Get Swabbed campaign coming to university campuses

The Star featured the Stem Cell Club, founded by Warren Fingrut, a UBC hematology resident physician, which aims to improve the chances that patients in-need of stem cell transplantation will find a match.
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Seat belts and hockey gloves among innovations for Canada's first university biomedical design program

Dermot Kelleher, dean of the faculty of medicine, announced the UBC school of biomedical engineering’s partnership with the Praxis Spinal Cord Institute in efforts to connect biomedical engineers with business.
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Combatting floods and fires

UBCO will host a forum to discuss important interactions between forests and water on Nov. 19.