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How sunlight on the skin directly affects the gut microbiome

Media highlighted a new study led by UBC gastrointestinal disease researcher Bruce Vallance, which found that skin exposure to UVB light alters the gut microbiome in humans.

The mystery surrounding flying styles of birds could be solved

Media highlighted a UBC study on birds’ different flight styles, quoting the lead researcher Vikram Baliga, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of zoology.
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The Greta Factor: Why the Swedish teen draws massive crowds across Canada

CBC spoke to Greg Garrard, a professor of environmental humanities at UBCO, about the attention Greta Thunberg is drawing to climate change.

Squashing the myth that pumpkins are just for lattes and pie

CBC spoke to Shelley Robinson, executive chef at UBCO, about different ways to use pumpkins.

Minority government could mean big changes for drug, telecom and retail industries

Steve Morgan, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, was quoted about the prospects for pharmacare.

Secret life of spiders explained in time for Halloween

UBCO biology lecturer and spider expert Matt Nelson discussed the role played by spiders in our ecosystem.
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Nuclear dangers of the naval kind

M.V. Ramana, a professor at the school of public policy and global affairs, co-wrote an article about the increased risk of a nuclearised ocean in South Asia.
Himal Southasian

A cancer drug’s journey: Hope found, then lost, then found again

The San Diego Union-Tribune featured Catriona Jamieson, a UBC medicine alumna, for her work in blood cancers.
San Diego Union-Tribune

Untold stories from war veterans lure young B.C. filmmaker all across Canada

Postmedia reported on a documentary by Eric Brunt, an alumnus of UBC’s film studies program and a filmmaker, about Canadian veterans of the Second World War.
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