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Vancouver-based TRIUMF says it has produced the 'rarest drug on earth' for cancer treatment

UBC-based TRIUMF has completed its first production run of actinium-225, a radioactive isotope that scientists believe could destroy cancer cells.
Vancouver SunBrantford Expositor

Report: Fewer than 25 per cent of nations close to sustainability goals

Less than a quarter of nations included in a new index are meeting environmentally sustainable economic development targets. Jose Pineda, an adjunct professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business contributed to the index.

Scientists find sunlight exposure can be seen in faeces 'because UV rays alter the levels of good gut bacteria'

A new study led by UBC gastrointestinal disease researcher Bruce Vallance found that skin exposure to UVB light alters the gut microbiome in humans.
Daily Mail

Sheriffs' ads slammed drug imports, and Big Pharma helped pay the tab

Michael Law, an associate professor in the school of population and public health at UBC was quoted in a Bloomberg article about Big Pharma and an anti-drug import campaign.
Bloomberg via SF Gate

Doctors cannot foresee amniotic fluid embolisms, the condition that killed curler Aly Jenkins in childbirth

Epidemiologist Sarka Lisonkova, an assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at UBC explains amniotic fluid embolism.
Globe and Mail

What's missing from this new airport? An air traffic control tower

UBC transportation expert David Gillen commented on Sweden’s new airport, one of the first to pioneer new remote air traffic control technology.

'Power of Greta' unites Vancouver teen activists

UBC sociology professor David Tindall says Greta Thunberg has inspired many teenagers and she could draw many thousands to a planned climate rally in Vancouver Friday.
Vancouver Sun

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loses his sheen — and his majority

UBC political scientist Max Cameron says Justin Trudeau’s broad support base is crumbling, reducing his power as prime minister.
LA Times

The 'major problem' of Trudeau's second term as Canadian Prime Minister is China - Professor

Allan Tupper, professor and head of the political science department at UBC was featured in a Q&A on various Canadian political issues.
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Jody Wilson-Raybould wins tight race in Vancouver Granville

Candis Callison, an author and UBC journalism and Indigenous studies professor, analyzed the implications of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s re-election.
Toronto Star

Higgs may create his own carbon tax. Here are his options

UBC economist Kevin Milligan was quoted in a story on a potential carbon tax in New Brunswick.

B.C. calls for unity as Western alienation sentiments surge

B.C. could try to play a peacemaker role between the western provinces and Ottawa, suggests UBC political scientist Gerald Baier.

What does a Liberal minority government mean for the issues that matter to B.C.?

Discussing Trans Mountain issues, UBC political scientist Kathryn Harrison says the big questions are what happens in court and the potential for civil disobedience.

The key Liberal wins and losses in B.C. this federal election

Gerald Baier, acting director at UBC’s Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions commented on the reelection of four cabinet ministers in B.C.
Globe and Mail

How the Liberals paved the way for the Bloc’s return

Maxime Héroux-Legault, assistant professor of political science at UBC, analyzed the reasons for the triumphant return of the Bloc Québécois.
The Conversation

To save endangered species, the federal government needs the provinces' help

Academic experts said the federal election can lift prospects for the environment and endangered species “only if the provinces step up and work together with the federal government and local communities.” The article was co-written by UBC researchers Sarah Otto, Jeannette Whitton and Cole Burton.
National Observer

New circular building design for UBC Arts Student Centre (renderings)

Daily Hive highlighted the proposed Arts Student Centre for undergraduate students at the UBC faculty of arts.
Daily Hive

Nerd Nite returns to North Van with Star Trek theme and almost-astronaut

Michael Koehle, a UBC physician and kinesiology professor who applied to be an astronaut, is slated to speak about his work at Nerd Nite in North Vancouver.
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