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Gambling addiction may be genetic, according to pioneering UK study

The Telegraph highlighted a new UBC study that showed gambling addicts may have a genetic predisposition.

Is snooping on your partner’s phone ever okay?

A Marie Claire article cited UBC research that looked into the motivations behind snooping on your partner’s phone.
Marie Claire

New viruses found in farmed and wild salmon

Hakai Magazine featured the discovery of three new viruses in B.C. chinook and sockeye salmon. The study was led by UBC molecular biologist Gideon Mordecai.

It’s possible to inherit more DNA from one parent than the other

UBC medical geneticist Wendy Robinson was cited in an Atlantic article about a study of DNA from 4.4 million 23andMe customers.

September home sales surge signals the real estate market is returning to equilibrium

Sauder School of Business professor Tsur Somerville was quoted in a Financial Post story on the resurgence of home sales in Toronto and Vancouver.
Financial Post

US mutual funds stung on tech unicorn IPO flops

UBC finance professor Will Gornall was quoted in media articles on mutual funds’ investments in unicorns — private companies valued at more than $1b billion. Gornall collated the data that was used for the analysis.
Wall Street Journal (subscription), Financial News (subscription)

Like father, like son? Canada's Trudeaus start strong, then struggle to hold onto power

Reuters quoted Allan Tupper, a political science professor at UBC, about the 1972 election.

Scheer suggests he could make entire Canadian border subject to Safe Third Country Agreement

UBC political science professor Antje Ellermann spoke about Scheer’s plan on stopping migrants from crossing the border into Canada at unofficial border crossings.
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Best of Canada: These are the Forbes under 30 innovators you need to know

Forbes mentioned Michelle Kunimoto, a PhD candidate at UBC who discovered dozens of planets and planet candidates.