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Are new graduates happier making more money or having more time?

Seattle Times featured a study which found that students who prioritized time were happier than those who prioritized money. The research was led by Ashley Whillans, a Harvard assistant professor who did her PhD work at UBC.
Seattle Times

For picky eaters like the parrotfish, climate change is bad news

Popular Science spoke to Maria Lourdes ‘Deng’ Palomares, a senior scientist and Sea Around Us project manager, about the climate change on ocean habitats.
Popular Science

Where do the Hong Kong protests go from here?

CBC interviewed Wenran Jiang, a professor at the school of public policy and global affairs, about the Hong Kong protests.

‘A quiet epidemic’: Why so many Canadians experience knee pain

Najam Mian, a clinical assistant professor in the division of physical medicine and rehabilitation, spoke to Global about knee pain.

First Nations group keeps pressure on DFO over proposal for seal and sea lion hunt

Postmedia mentioned Carl Walters, a professor emeritus at the institute for the oceans and fisheries, and Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit, in an article about seal and sea lion population control.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun and The Province

UBC ranked among world's 40 best universities

UBC was recently ranked second in Canada and 35th in the world by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

UBC plots $20.4-million expansion of emissions-reducing bioenergy heating plant

Postmedia reported on the expansion of bioenergy facility which will receive $7.6 million support from the federal government.
Postmedia via Vancouver Sun and The Province