UBC in the News

July 1, 2019
By: Peter Gouzouasis and Martin Guhn

Music engagement and achievement predicts higher grades in math, science and English

Peter Gouzouasis, a professor of music education in UBC’s department of curriculum and pedagogy, and Martin Guhn, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, wrote a piece in The Conversation about the correlation between music and academic achievements.

July 1, 2019
By: Janis Sarra

Ontario court’s decision on pollution pricing act clears skies for business, markets

Globe and Mail published an op-ed written by Janis Sarra, a professor at Peter A. Allard School of Law, about the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act and effects of greenhouse gas emissions on climate.

June 30, 2019
By: Crystal Tai

‘A Chinese kind of democracy’: why young Chinese-Canadians in Vancouver support Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill protests

Yves Tibergien, a professor and director emeritus of UBC’s Institute of Asian Research was mentioned in a South China Morning Post article about Chinese-Canadians in Vancouver and their stand on the Hong Kong extradition bill.

“My observation is that the sentiments from people of Hong Kong origin [is not shared by] people who come from the mainland. Those two groups react differently,” he said.

June 28, 2019
By: Ramona Pringle

Hong Kong protesters go offline to dodge China's digital surveillance

CBC quoted Leo Shin, a professor at UBC’s department of Asian Studies, about authorities in China and their system of tracking.

June 28, 2019
By: Zak Vescera

Lead in Vancouver playing fields raises concerns about children's health

Vancouver Sun spoke to Trevor Dummer, a health geographer and epidemiologist at UBC, about health impact of rubber-crumb playing fields.

The article also appeared in The Province.

June 28, 2019
By: Lori Culbert

Smoky summers: Health experts extend their warnings to pregnant women

Sarah Henderson, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, spoke to Vancouver Sun about health risks associated with smoke exposure.

June 27, 2019
By: Carlito Pablo

Are Indigenous people especially vulnerable to racism by police? Tribunal to consider issue in Vancouver case

Georgia Straight featured a report by Bruce Miller, a professor at UBC’s department of anthropology, which was written in regards to prejudicial mistreatment of Deborah Campbell who claims she was wronged because of her Indigenous ethnicity.

June 27, 2019

Punky the dog has been held at an animal shelter for the past two years. His owner would like him back.

Victoria Shroff, a professor at Peter A. Allard School of Law School, was invited to speak on a Global podcast about Punky, an Australian cattle dog that attacked a stranger in a park two years ago and has been locked up in a city animal shelter since then.

June 27, 2019
By: Piper Courtenay

Vancouver’s city council votes to end cannabis prohibition in the Downtown Eastside

Georgia Straight mentioned M-J Milloy, a professor at UBC’s faculty of medicine, for his work on finding clinical evidence to support positive impacts of cannabis.

June 28, 2019
By: Tom Sandborn

Book review: Double Melancholy tells a moving and important story about art, love, gender and race

Vancouver Sun featured a new book written by C.E. Gatchalian, an alumnus of  UBC’s Creative Writing program. His new book talks about homosexual experiences and struggles.

The article also appeared in The Province.


June 28, 2019
By: James McLeod

Cracks in the sidewalk: How will experimental city-building techniques fare in the real world?

Brock Commons Tallwood House, an 18-storey residence at UBC, was mentioned in a Vancouver Sun article about experimental building techniques and innovations.

The article also appeared in The Province.