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Irish health blog educates on link between breast density and cancer

The Irish Times mentioned Paula Gordon, a professor at UBC’s department of radiology, who will speak at a seminar on the link between breast density and cancer.

Steroids can lower risk of lung cancer in COPD patients up to 30 per cent

Business Standard quoted two UBC academics about their research. Larry Lynd, associate dean and professor at the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, and Don Sin, a professor at the department of […]

Alberta’s UCP government tables corporate tax cut bill

Kevin Milligan, a professor of economics at UBC, commented to the Globe and Mail about corporate tax cuts in Alberta. A similar article appeared in the Edmonton Sun.

Why is the C-section rate still climbing in Canada?

Global News quoted Sarah Munro, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC, in an article about C-sections.

B.C. tells postsecondary schools to ban large cash payments as province continues money-laundering crackdown

The Globe and Mail mentioned UBC in an article about cash payments.

UBC Okanagan mental health clinic to remain open

Kelowna Capital News reported that a walk-in wellness clinic will remain open at UBC’s Okanagan campus. “This is a space where community members can drop in for free mental health […]

Being transgender is not a mental health problem, WHO says

CBC interviewed Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor of nursing and the executive director of the Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre at UBC, about the new classification of transgender by the […]

WHO classifies burnout as ‘occupational phenomenon’ related solely to work

Global News mentioned Shimi Kang, a professor of psychiatry at UBC, in an article about burnout. ““The more that we can live a human life…We actually see better bottom lines […]

Expert panel to address challenges PhD graduates face entering the labour market

Susan Porter, dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies at UBC and president of the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies, was mentioned in University Affairs about a panel formed to address […]

Mystery hornet identified, turns out she’s not from around here and likes to eat honeybees

UBC was mentioned in a CBC article about a giant hornet found in North Vancouver. Karen Needham, a lecturer and curator of the Spencer Entomological Collection at UBC’s Beaty Biodiversity […]

B.C. asks universities, colleges to review cash policies after money laundering report

CBC mentioned UBC in an article about schools accepting cash payments.

Inhaled steroids reduce risk of lung cancer in COPD patients: UBC study

The Vancouver Sun highlighted new UBC research which found that inhaled steroids can cut the risk of lung cancer among COPD patients by as much as 30 per cent. The […]

B.C. real estate a hardening target for crime, money laundering

Tsur Somerville, a professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, contributed to the Vancouver Sun’s Housing Matters podcast about the provincial government’s steps to tackle money laundering in real estate. […]

Cold fusion remains elusive—but these scientists may revive the quest

National Geographic published an article about cold fusion research at UBC and other North American universities. “The timing is really good for this. I’m just really excited to show the […]

‘A cavalier approach’: Experts urge the companies behind brain wearables to rein in their claims

Stat quoted Judy Illes, a neurologist and neuroethics professor at UBC, in an article about the claims of neurotechnology developers.

George Hoberg takes your calls on climate change

George Hoberg, a professor of political science at UBC, participated in a climate change call-in on CKNW’s Lynda Steele Show.

B.C.’s first ‘dementia village’ set to open in Langley

Dan Levitt, an adjunct professor at UBC’s school of nursing, spoke to Business in Vancouver about a new retirement housing complex for people suffering with dementia. “These seniors, most of […]

On the hunt for B.C.’s biggest life forms

An article in The Tyee about B.C.’s trees mentioned UBC’s BigTree website, a registry held at UBC’s faculty of forestry. “It’s important to track these trees, because you can’t protect something […]