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Giant plastic and styrofoam whale meant to raise awareness of ocean pollution

CBC reported on an art installation which is being created at UBC. Joyce Majiski is building an exact replica of a humpback whale out of styrofoam and plastic sourced from landfill. […]

Global warming will make some species sterile as rising temperatures ruin their fertility, scientists warn

A Mail on Sunday article about the effect of global warming on different species mentioned a study from UBC which found that beetles in B.C. have shrunk in size over the […]

Why do Asians fetishise mixed race celebrities?

CedarBough Saeji, a Korea Foundation postdoctoral fellow at UBC, was quoted in a South China Morning Post article about the trend for plastic surgery among Asians to look more Eurasian.

Modular building planned for UBC Okanagan as engineering school booms

The Vancouver Sun reported on a new building project at UBC’s Okanagan campus to house increasing numbers of engineering students. The paper spoke to Rehan Sadiq, associate dean for engineering school, […]

After diplomatic stand-off, fewer Saudi Arabian students left Canada than initially feared

The Globe and Mail mentioned UBC in an article about the number of Saudi students in Canadian universities.

UBC Okanagan athletic director wants to meld programs with community

Kelowna Capital News reported on Tom Huisman, the new athletic director at UBC’s Okanagan campus, who is bringing together sports programs at the university with those in the local community.

With security concerns and criminal charges – should Canada allow Huawei to operate in Canada?

UBC was mentioned in a Global article about whether Huawei should continue to operate in Canada. The article also appeared on MSN.

In profile: Kelowna athlete loving the thrill of the race

Kelowna Capital News featured Austin White, a student at UBC’s Okanagan campus who is member of the UBC Okanagan Heat cross country team, an athlete on the B.C. Snowboard senior […]