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B.C. parks need more funding to keep up with demand

The Province published an op-ed by Harry Nelson, a UBC forestry professor, and Ngaio Hotte, a forestry PhD candidate, about B.C. parks funding. “Without additional funding, British Columbia’s park rangers will continue to […]

B.C. Securities Commission joins international regulators on fraudulent cryptocurrency crackdown

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Victoria Lemieux, who leads a blockchain research and education cluster at UBC, after investors in B.C. are being told to be cautious when making a cryptocurrency-related […]

What is spacetime?

Mark Van Raamsdonk, a UBC physics professor, was quoted in a Scientific American article about spacetime. “The emergence of a big spacetime is directly tied into the entangling of these field […]

Parts of Richmond feel strong community connection

Richmond News interviewed Kendall Ho, a professor in UBC’s department of emergency medicine and lead of the digital emergency medicine unit, about a report that found Lower Mainland residents who […]

Dr. Arun Kumar Garg receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Indo-Canadian Voice reported that Arun Kumar Garg, a UBC clinical professor, was presented the highest award in the university’s department of pathology. Garg was presented with the Dr. Dave Hardwick […]

Bike to Work (+ School) Week


Canadians are happier in small towns than cities: Study

Huffington Post reported on a study by researchers at UBC and McGill University. The study found people in towns with lower density and lower house prices have increased happiness.

The happiest people live in rural areas, study finds

Various media outlets reported on a study by UBC and McGill University that showed people who live in rural areas are happier than those who live in cities. Researchers said […]

Silicon Valley tech bubble larger than it was in 2000, end is coming

CNBC mentioned research from UBC and Stanford University which found that half of startup unicorns are significantly overvalued. The research was conducted by Will Gornall, a professor at the UBC Sauder […]

Washington state finds virus in Cooke Atlantic salmon, plans expanded testing

The Seattle Times reported on fish virus research from UBC and Canada’s department of fisheries and oceans. Researchers reported that a virus often found in Atlantic salmon in B.C. fish […]

Anthology celebrating prominent Chinese-Canadians in B.C. acknowledges historic wrongs

CBC interviewed UBC history professor Henry Yu for a story about a book highlighting the accomplishments of B.C. residents of Chinese descent. “Like a picture, you need to understand the framework […]

2,300-year-old Chinese philosophy shows why we should try to be a mess

Edward Slingerland, a professor of Asian studies at UBC, was quoted in a Quartz article about letting go of complete order in our lives. Slingerland explained how Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi […]

Straws suck for pollution, other items harmful too: Researchers

CBC interviewed David Boyd, a UBC professor in environmental law, about items that contribute to pollution. “Straws are just one tiny, tiny [piece] of this huge environmental challenge that plastic […]

Oregon’s flooded recreational pot market a cautionary tale for Canada: Economists

The Canadian Press interviewed Werner Antweiler, a professor of economics at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about Oregon’s recreational marijuana market. Antweiler said market fluctuations will depend on whether […]

Surtax on $3-million homes doesn’t go far enough: UBC prof

Star Vancouver cited work by two UBC professors in a story about a tax increase for homes worth over $3 million. Paul Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze, started a campaign […]

Speaking from the heart

CBC featured work on Indigenous languages (here and here) by students at UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism. The “More than Words” series is produced in partnership with the Reporting in Indigenous […]

UBC prof nabs 100k prize for toddler language research

Janet Werker, a UBC psychology professor, was awarded the Killam Prize in social sciences for her research on how babies and toddlers come to understand spoken language, Vancouver Courier reported. […]

As Britain reveals its first-ever cyberattack against ISIS, experts ask if Canada will be as open

Michael Byers, a defence expert and the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, spoke to CBC for an article about cyberattacks. Byers discussed the crucial […]