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9 things every healthy home should have

Reader’s Digest cited a UBC study for a story about elements of a healthy home. UBC researchers found that blue induces relaxation and creativity.

UBC admits major mistake

CTV Vancouver reported that UBC accidentally sent orientation week invites to applicants, including some who had already been rejected. Andrew Arida, associate registrar and director, said the university apologizes for […]

7 facts about patience will change how you live your life

Inc quoted Stan Floresco, a UBC psychology professor, about the benefits of having wealthy reserve of patience. He said patience can “re-engage frontal lobe functions,” meaning you could be less […]

THE Leadership and Management Awards 2018 shortlist

Times Higher Education featured the shortlist for the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards 2018. UBC, Loughborough University and other partners are shortlisted for Knowledge Exchange/Transfer Initiative of the […]

Dive-bombing hummingbirds add a twist to impress mates

Doug Altshuler, an integrative biologist who studies hummingbird flight at UBC, weighed in for a Nature article about a new study from the University of California, Riverside. Altshuler said he could not […]

Experts concerned as drug stores offer instant tests for strep throat

The Vancouver Sun quoted David Patrick, a UBC and B.C. Centre for Disease Control expert in antimicrobial resistance, for an article about strep throat spot tests at Shopper’s Drug Mart. […]

Five reasons to check out double bill of Cuban music

The Province highlighted an upcoming Cuban music performance at UBC’s Chan Centre. Daymé Arocena and Roberto Fonseca will perform on Apr. 15.

Experts debate if pipeline feud really a ‘constitutional crisis’

The StarVancouver interviewed Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, about the severity of the pipeline feud between New Democrat governments in B.C. and Alberta. He  said that while the dispute […]

More medical grads expected to be jobless after grad than before

The StarVancouver quoted Roger Wong, UBC’s executive associate dean of education, for an article about expectations that a record-high number of Canadian medical school graduates will not have a residency […]

AHVA BFA/BA Graduating Exhibition


How Big Pharma deceives you about drug safety

An article in The Conversation mentioned work by Barbara Mintzes, a former faculty member in the school of population and public health at UBC. The UBC study examined drug safety […]

Council gets crash course on speculation tax

Pique Magazine reported that Tom Davidoff, a UBC professor, presented to Whistler council on B.C.’s new real estate speculation tax. Davidoff said it makes sense to shift the tax burden […]

State of the union

Pique Magazine interviewed Craig Riddell, a UBC research professor, for a story about the difficulty of creating unions at ski areas. Riddell noted that B.C. requires a secret vote among […]

UBC is hosting underwear run and dance party this weekend

Daily Hive previewed a giant underwear run and dance party at UBC. The event is hosted by Party4Health.

UBC’s new baseball stadium completes $110 million transformation

Daily Hive featured the opening of UBC’s new $5 million yet-to-be-named baseball stadium. It is the final element of the $110 million investment in Thunderbird Park that began in 2008.

‘Gaybourhoods’ still home to subtle discrimination

‘Gaybourhoods’ still home to subtle discrimination

Despite claiming to support gay rights, many straight people who live in traditionally gay neighbourhoods still practice subtle forms of discrimination when interacting with their gay and lesbian neighbours.

The era of Big Tech self-governance has come to an end

The era of Big Tech self-governance has come to an end

The Globe and Mail published an article by Taylor Owen, assistant professor of digital media and global affairs, on the broader implications of the congressional hearings with Facebook’s CEO.

Canada failing to grasp scale of social media ‘bot’ use in politics, report

The Guardian mentioned a UBC professor in a story about the use of social media bots in politics. During the 2015 federal election, a UBC professor was targeted by a torrent […]

UBC sends orientation invites to rejected applicants by accident

CTV reported that UBC accidentally sent orientation week invites to 31,000 applicants, including some who have already been rejected. “This email was sent in error to all UBC applicants rather […]