Supplementary Arbitration Award between UBC and UBCFA

University News

A summary of the recent Supplemental Award by Arbitrator John B. Hall:

“I have determined that public statements made by the University following my Award of June 8, 2018 violated the confidentiality terms previously agreed to by the parties and incorporated in the Award. They also constituted a new breach of the Grievor’s privacy rights. The University is accordingly ordered to:

(a) pay additional damages forthwith in the amounts of $60,000 to the Grievor and $15,000 to the Faculty Association;

(b) remove immediately the “Statement on media coverage of the Steven Galloway case” from its website; and

(c) if requested by the Faculty Association and the Grievor, publish this Supplemental Award on its website in accordance with the directions given above.

I reserve jurisdiction to address any difficulty over implementation, and have continued authority to fashion additional remedies should the language and intent of the confidentiality terms not be respected fully in the future.”

To read the full supplemental award, click here.