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Can’t figure out who to vote for? UBC prof shares tips on navigating choices

CBC interviewed Gerald Baier, a UBC political science professor, for an article on navigating choices in municipal elections. He discussed how voters can find neutral information on the candidates.

Subway to UBC? What no mayoral candidate dares say

The Tyee published an op-ed by Patrick Condon, the James Taylor chair in Landscape and Livable Environments at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture and the founding chair of the […]

A stubborn person’s guide to improving your mood

New York Magazine interviewed Elizabeth Dunn, a UBC psychology professor, for a story about improving your mood. Her research found people are happier spending a set amount of money on […]

Study shows HPV vaccination does not cause riskier sexual behaviour among teens

Reuters reported on a UBC study that found HPV vaccination does not cause riskier sexual behaviour among teen girls. The research was conducted by lead author Gina Ogilvie, a professor […]

Youth take political leaders to court to accelerate fight against global warming

CBC Radio’s The Current interviewed David Boyd, a UBC professor and environmental lawyer, for a segment about youth taking political leaders to court for cases related to climate change. He discussed […]

From electricity to water, pot production is far from green: Experts

CTV interviewed Werner Antweiler, an economics professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business who studies the environmental costs of pot production. “Growing cannabis is very energy intensive,” he said.

Pot legalization will mean more corporate money for marijuana research: UBC scientist

Global interviewed M-J Milloy, a UBC researcher with the B.C. Centre for Substance Abuse, about corporate funds for marijuana research. “With the advent of the cannabis market and cannabis producers, some […]

Aga Khan oversees official launch of Alberta garden

The Globe and Mail mentioned UBC in an article about the Aga Khan’s visit to Canada. The Aga Khan will receive honorary degrees from UBC, Simon Fraser University and the University […]

UBC ordered to pay author Steven Galloway for breaching confidentiality terms

The Globe and Mail reported that UBC has been ordered to pay former UBC professor Steven Galloway $60,000 for breaching the confidentiality terms of an award he won.

China offers own account of political indoctrination camps

Shawn Zhang, a UBC law student, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about China’s political indoctrination camps. Zhang spoke about amenities used in creating indoctrination facilities.

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Climate change solutions may lie in ancient wisdom: Davis

The Chronicle Herald featured an interview about climate change with Wade Davis, a UBC anthropology professor. “One of the things that is coming out of this climate change dilemma is […]

Vancouver’s complex council race ‘overwhelming,’ but critically important

CBC quoted Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, in an article about the Vancouver city council election. “It doesn’t necessary follow that the complex ballot will mean an outcome that […]

Academics fight back against junk science, health scams

Bernie Garrett, a UBC professor of nursing, was quoted in a University Affairs article about health scams. Garrett, who is part of an interdisciplinary group looking at internet health scams, […]

I tried making friends while running the Boston Marathon

Sharp Magazine quoted John Ogrodniczuk, director of the psychotherapy program at UBC, for an article about male friendships. “Guys devalue the need for friendships, but they are really essential at […]