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A quick home test for salmonella

CTV featured UBC food science research in a story about a home test kit to help detect food poisoning. Researchers developed a cube made of natural fibre material that contains […]

Keep pets indoors, other tips to protect animals from smoke

Ian Welch, director of Animal Care Services at UBC, weighed in for a Vancouver Sun story (also in the Calgary Herald) about how to keep your pets safe from the […]

Opera and Arias at Bard on the Beach marks end of summer

The Vancouver Sun mentioned Nancy Hermiston’s UBC Opera Ensemble in a story about Bard on the Beach. The ensemble is part of the annual Operas and Arias productions.

Men place less value on care-oriented jobs than women

Star Vancouver reported on UBC research that found men value care-oriented jobs such as teaching and nursing less than women do. Lead researcher Katharina Block, a social psychology PhD candidate, said […]

UBCO prof creates language for movie

Christine Schreyer, an anthropology professor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, created a new language for a film, AM 1150 reported. Schreyer created a language known as “Beama” for the film Alpha.

Changing blood types

Various media outlets reported on UBC research that found certain gut bacteria could be used to transform blood types A and B into the more universal form of blood type […]

Light has momentum, new research confirms

United Press International reported on a study about light-matter interactions involving a researcher from UBC’s Okanagan campus. Kenneth Chau, a UBCO professor of engineering, explained that scientists measured the force […]

Research aims to decrease human and bear conflicts

Chek reported on research by a UBC student that aims to shed more light on conflicts between humans and bears. Joanna van Bommel, a master’s candidate, is placing cameras in […]

Move to pull Saudi Arabian students could affect Quest University

Squamish Chief mentioned UBC in a story about Saudi Arabian students in Canada who have been ordered to return home. The article reported there are 280 Saudi Arabian students at […]

Study of Appalachian mountain range hits side of road

Nicolas Piette-Lauzière, a PhD candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus, was interviewed for a CBC New Brunswick story about his work on an Appalachian Mountain range study. Researchers are examining the […]

Trudeau cabinet advised to do more to prevent digital media abuse in elections

The Canadian Press quoted Taylor Owen, a UBC digital media professor, for an article about preventing digital media abuse in elections. He discussed the importance of more robust ad transparency […]

Impacts of wildfires

Several UBC academics were quoted by various media outlets about the impacts of B.C. wildfires. Lori Daniels, a professor at UBC’s department of forest and conservation sciences, spoke to the […]