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Meet Kurt Heinrich

Kurt Heinrich has been appointed as UBC’s new Senior Director, Media Relations. He is a seasoned communicator with extensive media relations, issues management and crisis communications experience. 

Children with disabilities need better access to sport

Children with disabilities need better access to sport

The Conversation published an op-ed co-written by two UBC professors about access to sport for children with disabilities.

Give a cow a brush, and watch it scratch that itch

New York Times reported on UBC researchers studying cow behaviour. Marina von Keyserlingk, who studies animal welfare at UBC, explained how her team found that cows worked equally hard to […]

Studying distracted walking

UBC professor Tarek Sayed was interviewed on CBC Vancouver about his research on the dangers associated with texting and walking. The segment appears at the 56:26 mark.

UBC develops method of harvesting energy from fatbergs

Breakfast Television interviewed Asha Srinivasan, a UBC civil engineer, about her research on turning waste into energy. She explained how complex molecules in fats can be broken down in order […]

UBC trying to help Saudi Arabian students get information

UBC president Santa Ono published a statement and two UBC professors spoke to various media outlets about the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Canada. Ono’s statement was quoted in the […]

Marine Harvest pursuing radical new salmon farm designs

Tony Farrell, the chair in sustainable aquaculture at the UBC Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research, was interviewed for a Vancouver Sun article about radical new salmon farms. He said […]

Evolution study shows why pride is key to human survival

Inverse interviewed Jessica Tracy, a UBC professor of psychology, for an article about the evolutionary significance of pride. “In all my work, I’ve argued for (and found support for) the […]

Prof sees minimal impact of randomized ballot on election

The Georgia Straight interviewed Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, about the impact of a randomized ballot for the Vancouver election. He doubts whether the new system of listing candidates […]

Study discovers gene that makes lavender smell sweet

Kelowna Capital News reported on research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that could lead to lavender that smells better. “It’s exciting to find the mechanism that gives one of my favourite […]

How Inuvik went from 1 doctor to 11, in 6 years

Radio Canada mentioned UBC in a story about more doctors in the northern Canadian town of Inuvik. UBC has partnered with a hospital in the town for 15 years. The […]

Children with disabilities need better access to sport

The Conversation published an op-ed co-written by two UBC professors about access to sport for children with disabilities. “The solutions aren’t necessarily complex. They require involving children and youth with […]

N.B. man dies after wasp sting, no idea he was allergic

The Canadian Press interviewed Donald Stark, a UBC professor, for a story about a man who died after one wasp sting. Stark explained that the location of the sting can […]

Jagmeet Singh will run in Burnaby South byelection

Richard Johnston, a UBC political scientist, spoke to Global about Jagmeet Singh running in the Burnaby South byelection. Johnston said Singh will benefit from being in the House of Commons […]

Okanagan migrant justice collective fights for temporary foreign worker

Susana Cuxaj, a professor and researcher at UBC’s Okanagan campus, spoke to Kelowna Capital News about a migrant justice collective fighting for a temporary foreign worker. Cuxaj discussed the vulnerability […]

30 hot classical musicians under 30

CBC profiled Carter Johnson, a UBC alumnus and musician. Johnson graduated after studying piano performance from UBC.