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Josef Martin Penninger

Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Josef Martin Penninger

Josef Martin Penninger is the newly appointed Canada 150 Research Chair in Functional Genetics representing the University of British Columbia. Learn what his research means for Canadians.

B.C. government right to take action against for-profit clinics

B.C. government right to take action against for-profit clinics

The Province published an op-ed about for-profit clinics co-written by Michael C. Klein, a professor emeritus at UBC’s departments of family medicine and paediatrics.

Is texting and walking dangerous? Science says it distracts you

Various media outlets reported on research on texting and walking from engineers at UBC. “Distracted pedestrians had more trouble maintaining their walking speed and gait and took longer to cross […]

Mongolia apparently prevents kidnapping of a Gülen supporter

Julian Dierkes, a professor at UBC’s Institute of Asian Research, spoke to various media outlets about the attempted abduction of a Turkish educator from Mongolia. Stories appeared on Handelsblatt, Journal […]

Sobriety finds its place in Pride, thanks to advocates

CBC cited a UBC study in an article about sobriety at pride events. The study found lesbian, gay and bisexual teens have higher rates of alcohol use than straight youth.

UBC prof behind boot camp where people learn to be politicians

CKNW featured an interview with Max Cameron, a UBC political science professor, about a political boot camp at UBC that can teach people how to become politicians.

Grieving killer whale

Breakfast Television interviewed Andrew Trites, director of the marine mammal research unit at UBC, about behaviour of mother whales if their offspring is born dead. The segment appears at 4:40.

It’s OK to cry in courtroom even if you’re a judge: Law profs

The Canadian Press interviewed Janine Benedet, a UBC law professor, about the significance of a judge crying during the sentencing stage of a trial. “As a society, we should have […]

B.C. seniors at privately run care homes more likely to die in hospital: report

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Jennifer Baumbusch, a UBC seniors expert, for a story about elder care facilities. She said hospitalization rates may differ since public facilities have historically had better access to […]

UBC lawyer named new UN watchdog for human rights and environment

David Boyd, a UBC professor and environmental lawyer, was named the new United Nations watchdog for human rights and environment, Star Vancouver reported. He said he’s “frustrated” that Canada has […]

UBC alumni develop tool to help remove slave labour from seafood supply chains

CBC reported on work by UBC alumni who are helping remove slave labour from seafood supply chain through a tool called the Labour Safe Screen. Katrina Nakamura and Ganapathiraju Pramod started […]

Halifax to test palm tree resilience in winter climate

The Canadian Press interviewed Ben Freeman, a post-doctoral researcher at UBC’s Biodiversity Research Centre, for a story about palm tree resistance testing in Halifax. Freeman said he “applauds the ambition” […]

World’s most-filmed cities: Toronto, Vancouver rank in top 5

Huffington Post mentioned UBC in a story about international filming locations. Researchers found that the UBC campus is the ninth most-filmed location in the world. The story also appeared on […]

These are the most valuable degrees in Canada in 2018

Huffington Post mentioned UBC in an article on the value of various degrees at Canadian universities. The article detailed the tuition costs of programs including civil engineering, business, and nursing.

Health effects of cannabis: What does science say?

Chatelaine interviewed M-J Milloy, a professor in UBC’s department of medicine and a scientist with the BC Centre on Substance Use, about health effects of cannabis. “Best estimates suggest that […]

Green Space: Future fuels

Business in Vancouver highlighted work by Onyinye Ofulue, a UBC chemical and biological engineering student. She led a team collecting waste cooking oil from UBC Food Services’ kitchens and converting it into […]

B.C. cancer breakthrough

Castanet reported on a deadly mushroom that is being studied by UBC researchers as a potential cure for cancer. David Perrin, a UBC chemist, discussed the medical breakthrough.

As Vancouver’s detached housing stock is demolished, what should be saved?

The Vancouver Courier mentioned a UBC study in an article about Vancouver housing stock. The study estimated that 32,000 detached houses will be torn down in Vancouver by 2050.