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Wildfire history research

Discovery Channel highlighted research on wildfires by Lori Daniels, a UBC ecologist. She discussed her work tracking changes in the frequency and intensity of wildfires in past years.

Nova Scotia spaceport submits report for environmental assessment

Michael Byers, a political science professor at UBC, spoke to CTV Atlantic about the potential of a spaceport in Nova Scotia. He said he supports the idea but is concerned […]

Should affordable transportation be an essential service?

CBC Radio’s The Current quoted Penny Gurstein, a UBC professor at the school of community and regional planning, about affordable transportation. She said that the federal government should intervene when […]

Drowning Prevention Week


Inside Greystone’s journey from Regina upstart to TD target

Work by Stan Hamilton, a UBC finance professor emeritus, was mentioned in a story in the Ottawa Citizen. Hamilton wrote about the case for real estate in a pension fund.

B.C. signs supply deals with 31 cannabis producers

The Globe and Mail quoted Rielle Capler, a UBC PhD candidate studying access to medical and illicit cannabis. She discussed what B.C. needs to do to undercut the illicit cannabis […]

Please admit you don’t like poor people so we can move on

The Tyee mentioned UBC research in a story about perceptions of poverty. Psychology researchers noted that “scarcity can…result in a failure to notice beneficial information in the environment that alleviates […]

Buzz for Pollinator Picnic

Castanet reported on the Pollinator Picnic at UBC Okanagan’s campus. Nancy Holmes, a UBC professor who teaches in the faculty of creative and critical studies, said the people involved in the picnic […]

UBCO tech breakthrough

Castanet featured research by Kevin Golovin, a professor of engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus, on keeping boats dry. “It’s a mixture of nanoparticles and plastic, and those particles are hydrophobic, so […]

2018 Friedman Scholar: Hooman Esfandiari

2018 Friedman Scholar: Hooman Esfandiari

Hooman Esfandiari is a doctoral student in the Biomedical Engineering program. He is currently researching a novel surgical navigation framework based on artificial intelligence for intraoperative assessment of orthopaedic implants.

‘Toxic’ rocket propellant poses danger at proposed spaceport: Prof

CBC interviewed Michael Byers, a political science professor at UBC, about a toxic rocket propellant that will be used at a proposed spaceport in Nova Scotia. He explained the danger associated with […]

Committee on basic income

David Green, the director of UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, spoke with CBC Radio’s On the Coast about his work chairing a committee that will explore how providing people with […]

A tech guru captivated Canada then he fled to China

Michael Byers, a professor of global politics and international law at UBC, spoke to the New York Times about a technology guru who stopped paying his Canadian workers and fled […]

Why does every soccer player do this?

Jessica Tracy, a UBC professor of psychology, was interviewed for a New York Times article about the gesture that soccer players make when they make a mistake during a game. […]

Are Vancouver’s sky-high rents finally falling?

CBC quoted Tom Davidoff, a UBC professor and real estate expert, about an analysis from a UBC-trained data scientist that suggest rent prices in Vancouver are dropping. “You want to […]

36-year climate change record found in cycle racing footage

National Geographic interviewed Elizabeth Wolkovich, a UBC ecologist, after old cycling race videos helped uncover a valuable record of climate change. She explained how it’s important to learn how plants […]

Speed limits to change depending on congestion on Hwy. 1

Werner Antweiler, a UBC professor, spoke to Star Vancouver for a story about speed limits that change based on congestion in the Fraser Valley. “Ever since we got rid of […]

Organic better for B.C. farmer’s cows

Star Vancouver interviewed Marina von Keyserlingk, a UBC professor of animal welfare, for an article about organic farming. She said there are challenges on both conventional and organic farms from […]

Over one third of fish caught never make it to human stomachs

Independent U.K. quoted Daniel Pauly, with the Sea Around Us research initiative at UBC, for a story about a new study that found waste from global fishing production is increasing. […]

UBC ‘discovery’ will change treatment for COPD patients

Surrey Now-Leader highlighted a UBC study that found chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is expected to be the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2020. Tillie-Louise Hackett, a professor in […]