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Bacteria-packed solar cell soaks up the sun even behind clouds

CBC highlighted UBC researchers who developed a low-cost and sustainable way to build a solar cell using bacteria that can harvest energy on cloudy days. The bacteria can be used to […]

Broad interests reap benefits for science

Science Magazine interviewed Derrick Ho Yan Chong, with UBC’s department of microbiology and immunology, and Christopher Gutiérrez, with UBC’s Quantum Matter Institute, for an article about how broad interests benefit […]

Urban greenways help lower local carbon emissions

United Press International highlighted UBC research on climate benefits offered by urban greenways. “As more cities invest in infrastructure to promote health and protect the environment, it’s more important than […]

Go “Into the Silence” with author Wade Davis

Boise State Public Radio interviewed Wade Davis, a UBC anthropology professor, about his book. Davis told the story of early British attempts to reach the roof of the world.

Waterless toilet could be key for refugee needs

Mental Floss reported on a toilet project by UBC students. The MYCOmmunity Toilet is a portable toilet kit designed for refugee camps.

Long workdays for nurses at understaffed Surrey jail ‘highly concerning’

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Elizabeth Saewyc, director of the school of nursing at UBC, for a story about long workdays for nurses at a Surrey jail. Saewyc discussed how working in a correctional […]

MOA receives $1.4 million Northwest Coast art donation

The Georgia Straight reported that rare works by famed Haida artist Bill Reid are part of a $1.4 million Northwest Coast art collection that was donated to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. “UBC […]

When excessive sweating becomes a medical condition

Global quoted Youwen Zhou, a UBC dermatology professor, about hyperhidrosis, a condition where people produce more sweat than needed to stay cool. He explained that some people are dripping sweat […]

How a Montreal cannabis panel fell afoul of Facebook’s censors

Global interviewed Taylor Owen, a UBC professor, about Facebook censors. He discussed the cost of privatizing our public sphere.

Crows do form gangs, fight to win: UBC research

Global reported on UBC research that found crows and ravens dislike each other and the smaller bird usually prevails during a conflict. “[Crows] band together, they form small groups, and […]

B.C. appoints experts to take a serious look at basic income

David Green, the director of UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, will chair a committee to examine basic income in B.C., the Georgia Straight reported. The group is scheduled to begin […]

Canadians to Trump: Don’t mess with us

Maclean’s reported that Benjamin Perrin, a law professor at UBC, and former legal adviser to prime minister Stephen Harper, turned down his invitation to the Fourth of July party at […]

Top Prospects: Leading innovators from the Class of 2018

The Logic featured two UBC graduates for a story on new graduates in technology. Retsepile Sello, who studied mining engineering, created a program to minimize fatal mining accidents and co-founded a […]

Genetic ancestry tests don’t change your identity, but you might

Wendy D. Roth, a UBC sociology professor, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation about genetic ancestry tests. “Before you rush out to discover your ‘true’ race or ethnicity, you should […]

Quebec companies turn to B.C. for help courting China

Business in Vancouver cited a report by researchers at UBC and the University of Ottawa in a story about Quebec companies courting China. The report found Quebecers “have views of […]