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Cure for hangovers from FDA-approved ingredients

Business Insider highlighted the work of Nishal Kumar, a UBC alumnus and former Tesla employee. Kumar studied geophysics at UBC.

The danger of water is another hurdle for the poor to overcome

Steve Beerman, a clinical professor with UBC’s department of family practice in the faculty of medicine, co-wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail about drowning risks for lower income […]

Podcast: How cannabis is being used in PTSD research

Michelle Thiessen, a UBC researcher and graduate student, was interviewed on a Daily Hive podcast about cannabis research. She explained the practicalities of conducting the world’s largest clinical trial on […]

Few Canadians ever set foot on a First Nations reserve

Sheryl Lightfoot, Canada Research Chair in global Indigenous rights and politics at UBC, spoke to Maclean’s about the disconnect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. “Most of the people in Canada […]

Positive Space Foundational Workshop


Ken Sim is a catch for the Non-Partisan Association

The Globe and Mail profiled Ken Sim, the mayoral nomination for the NPA. Sim is a graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business.

Opinion: ADHD is a real brain disorder requiring treatment

The Province published an op-ed by several UBC academics about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “Talk therapy and education about ADHD are considered important first-line interventions,” they wrote.

Mitch Robinson switching from UBC blue and gold to Yankee pinstripes

The Province reported that UBC baseball player Mitch Robinson was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 21st round. Robinson is a senior third baseman with the UBC Thunderbirds.

Discover forgotten worlds with the latest historical fiction

The Toronto Star featured two books written by UBC alumna. Dania Tomlinson took 10 years to write Our Animal Hearts and Natalie Morrill penned her debut novel called The Ghost Keeper.

UBC will play Team China in men’s basketball this month

Daily Hive reported on an upcoming basketball game between the UBC Thunderbirds men’s team and Team China. “This will also give basketball fans in Vancouver the chance to watch exciting […]

Study: Men who used psychedelics are less likely to be violent toward their partners

Forbes reported on research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found men who have used psychedelic drugs in the past are less likely to engage in violence against their intimate partners. […]

The genes of many marine creatures are patented—and one company owns half of them

Popular Science reported on UBC research that found genetic sequences from deep oceans are controlled disproportionately by a handful of nations and companies. A similar story appeared on Star Vancouver.

You might not hate high-intensity workouts after all

The Seattle Times reported on UBC research into high-intensity exercise. Matthew Stork, a PhD candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus who led the study, found that intervals could be less onerous […]

Why vaginal seeding won’t help babies born by C-section

Today’s Parent interviewed Chelsea Elwood, an obstetrician and reproductive infectious diseases specialist in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at UBC, for an article about vaginal seeding, which is the […]

30 things you’re doing right that will improve your marriage

A story on MSN about improving your marriage cited a study from UBC. Researchers found that study participants who tried to present themselves well were happier after interacting with their partner.

Disrupted sleep cycles linked with mood disorders

Reuters interviewed Raymond Lam, a UBC psychiatry researcher, for a story about a study linking mood disorders and disrupted sleep cycles. “Regulating circadian rhythms is an important part of maintaining […]

Vancouver to ban businesses offering conversion therapy

CBC Radio’s On the Coast interviewed Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor and director of the UBC school of nursing, about the new City of Vancouver resolution banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ […]

Sex with robots may not be healthy, says new study on booming sex robot industry

Huffington Post quoted Marina Adshade, a professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, about the possibility that sex robots could improve marriages by making them more about love. “I predict […]

Ocean’s 8 doesn’t have to be a great film for its existence to be great for women

Kim Snowden, a lecturer at UBC’s institute for gender, race, sexuality, and social justice who specializes in film, television and feminism, spoke to Flare Magazine about the importance of the […]

Growing Microgreens for Home Consumption