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Stock market suffers from seasonal affective disorder, too

A New York Post article on how seasonal investor sentiment affects portfolios mentioned work by UBC professor Kin Lo. “Financial analysts have a system in place to do their jobs […]

Cannabis testing: Space between producer and consumer

Matthew Noestheden, a chemistry PhD candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus, spoke to the Georgia Straight about cannabis testing. “Researchers smell blood in the water just like investors do, and there […]

One company has majority of patents on sea creature genes

Quartz reported on UBC research that found genetic sequences from deep oceans are currently controlled disproportionately by a handful of nations and companies.

Recommendation to eliminate homeowner grant

The Canadian Press reported on a report that recommends eliminating the homeowner grant. David Duff, a tax law expert at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC co-produced […]

What is the ‘Celtic Curse’? Hemochromatosis explained

Global interviewed Eric Yoshida, a UBC professor of medicine and the chair of the Canadian Liver Foundation’s medical advisory committee, about the definition of hemochromatosis. “You’re born with a genetic […]

Seattle’s housing crisis caused political revolution

The Tyee quoted Thomas Davidoff, a UBC economist, in a story about the impact of Seattle’s housing crisis. Davidoff discussed the dramatic rise in detached home prices in Vancouver.

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Mixed-use developments make housing affordability worse

The Financial Post highlighted UBC research in a story about housing affordability. Researchers at UBC and McGill University found that higher density living meant less happiness.

Concordia University launches investigative journalism institute

The Montreal Gazette mentioned UBC in an article about a new investigative journalism institute at Concordia University. UBC will be one of the academic partners in the project.

Audain Art Museum hires new curator

Canadian Art published a Pique Magazine article about Kiriko Watanabe, a UBC alumna and the new curator of the Audain Art Museum. Watanabe earned a bachelor of arts degree in […]

Temperature rising

Lael Parrott, a UBC professor of sustainability UBC, spoke to Pique Magazine about the impact that melting glaciers have on river systems. “(Mountains) are one of the regions of Canada […]

A college president’s Twitter strategy

Inside Higher Education reported on criticism of UBC president Santa Ono’s Twitter strategy. Erin Hennessy, vice president of a public relations agency focused on higher education, said Ono was one of […]

Climate change has fish moving faster than regulations can keep up

Climate change has fish moving faster than regulations can keep up

The world’s system for allocating fish stocks is being outpaced by the movement of fish species in response to climate change, according to a study undertaken by an international team of marine ecologists, fisheries and social scientists, and lawyers.

Antarctica is melting three times as fast as a decade ago

The New York Times interviewed Michele Koppes, a UBC glaciologist, for a story about a study into melting ice in Antarctica. Koppes, who was not involved with the study, said data is […]

Nearly half the patents on marine genes belong to 1 company

Smithsonian Magazine featured research from UBC and the University of Stockholm that found genetic sequences from deep oceans are currently controlled disproportionately by a handful of nations and companies.

More physiotherapists need to be trained to meet demand

The Vancouver Sun mentioned UBC in a column about the need for more physiotherapists in B.C. The chief executive officer of the Physiotherapy Association of B.C. said the group is […]

Vancouver could be next for dockless bike and scooter shares

The Province mentioned UBC in an article about the expansion of dockless-bike and scooter-share programs. UBC has entered into a licensing agreement with Dropbike for a bike-share pilot project.

Want to lower injury risk? Stop stepping on the brakes

Runner’s World reported on research by Chris Napier, a UBC physiotherapist, about the mechanics of running. The study examined what’s known as “peak braking force.”

Human activity chemically changing earth for thousands of years

Gizmodo highlighted UBC research that shows that our ancestors changed the chemistry of the soils they farmed more than 2,000 years ago. “This is a new lens on one of […]