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Antarctica is melting three times as fast as a decade ago

The New York Times interviewed Michele Koppes, a UBC glaciologist, for a story about a study into melting ice in Antarctica. Koppes, who was not involved with the study, said data is […]

Nearly half the patents on marine genes belong to 1 company

Smithsonian Magazine featured research from UBC and the University of Stockholm that found genetic sequences from deep oceans are currently controlled disproportionately by a handful of nations and companies.

More physiotherapists need to be trained to meet demand

The Vancouver Sun mentioned UBC in a column about the need for more physiotherapists in B.C. The chief executive officer of the Physiotherapy Association of B.C. said the group is […]

Vancouver could be next for dockless bike and scooter shares

The Province mentioned UBC in an article about the expansion of dockless-bike and scooter-share programs. UBC has entered into a licensing agreement with Dropbike for a bike-share pilot project.

Want to lower injury risk? Stop stepping on the brakes

Runner’s World reported on research by Chris Napier, a UBC physiotherapist, about the mechanics of running. The study examined what’s known as “peak braking force.”

Human activity chemically changing earth for thousands of years

Gizmodo highlighted UBC research that shows that our ancestors changed the chemistry of the soils they farmed more than 2,000 years ago. “This is a new lens on one of […]

How well you age is all about attitude, says new global study

Star Vancouver quoted Christopher McLeod, a professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, about a study that suggests how well we age is connected to how we view […]

Environmentalists accuse B.C. of fudging numbers to log trees

John Innes, a professor and dean of UBC’s faculty of forestry, spoke to the National Observer about accusations that B.C. manipulated numbers in order to log some of the world’s […]

Innovation UBC Robson Square Hub Launch

Human Rights tribunal rejects request for DNA testing on trans woman

Star Vancouver interviewed Margot Young, a UBC law professor and human rights expert, after the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal denied an application to release medical records of a well-known trans […]