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It pays to invest in biodiversity

Rashid Sumaila, director of the Fisheries Economic Unit at UBC, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation about the benefits of biodiversity.

McKaig helps turn new UBC stadium into Canadian baseball field of dreams

The Province highlighted the debut of UBC’s newly refurbished baseball park. Terry McKaig, UBC’s baseball program director, believes the university could have exhibition games against NCAA teams in the fall. A similar […]

Shopping cart replacement developed for homeless people

CBC reported on new cart for homeless people to store and transport their possessions that was built by engineering students at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The prototype will be tested on […]

Public feels a ‘sense of urgency’ to restore B.C.’s foraged forests: Study

Star Vancouver reported on a UBC study that found the public trusts scientists and Indigenous groups more than government and industry. “Recent natural disasters such as wildfires and mountain pine […]

People who live in small towns are happier than everyone else: Researchers

The Washington Post highlighted happiness research from UBC and McGill University. The working paper on the geography of well-being in Canada found an association between population density and happiness. The […]

A test for pot potency from UBC Okanagan

Kelowna Capital News featured researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus who developed a quicker test for cannabis quality. “Traditional tests can take upwards of 20 minutes to perform, where we can […]

Baloney Meter: Is voter information card a doorway to electoral fraud?

The Canadian Press interviewed Richard Johnston, Canada Research Chair in public opinion, elections and representation at UBC, after members of the Conservative Party made claims of possible voter fraud in […]

UBCO cancer breakthrough

Castanet reported on researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus who discovered a new way of using infrared light to monitor cancer progression during radiation treatment. “Our goal was to identify a […]

Revered hockey coach Clare Drake put his own stamp on the game

The Globe and Mail published an obituary for Clare James Drake, a famed hockey coach and UBC alumnus. Drake graduated from the university in 1951.

Kathleen Wynne: Most Ontarians ‘won’t feel’ Ford’s promise to cut gas prices

Huffington Post quoted Werner Antweiler, a UBC economics professor, in an article about comments between Ontario politicians about gas prices. Antweiler discussed the volatility of gasoline prices.

Is the oil industry Canada’s ‘deep state’?

The Tyee mentioned a study published by UBC and Memorial University in an article about Canada’s energy industry. The 2013 study found that the Globe and Mail and National Post […]

PhDs Go Public Research Talk Series: The Built Environment


The power of setting a good example in tough times

The Toronto Star mentioned work by a UBC researcher that examined what encourages generosity. Karl Aquino found a connection between a person’s exposure to media reports of virtue and their […]

UBC research team finds low-cost solution for sewage odour issues

Journal of Commerce reported on UBC researchers who discovered a low-cost solution to wastewater treatment. Tim Abbott, a PhD candidate at UBC’s Okanagan campus, said he hopes the process will […]

Quebec survey respondents positive, pragmatic about ties with China

The Hill Times published an op-ed by UBC academics about a survey that examined how people in Quebec feel about China. The results showed Quebecers have more positive views of […]