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We’re fishing exactly the wrong fish, scientists warn

The Washington Post interviewed Tony Pitcher, a UBC fisheries scientist, about a new study into how many eggs fish lay. Pitcher, who was not involved with this study, explained that […]

Why tech company IPOs can be so overvalued

The Wall Street Journal cited a study by researchers at UBC and Stanford University that examined unicorns, or start-ups valued at over $1 billion. They found nearly half of the 135 […]

When Big Data meets overfishing

Reuters mentioned a UBC study in an article about how illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and overfishing deplete fish stocks. According to The Sea Around Us, a research initiative involving […]

Smartphones distract parents from connecting with their kids: Study

CBS reported on a study by UBC psychology researcher Elizabeth Dunn and Kostadin Kushlev from the University of Virginia. They examined how smartphone use affects parenting.

UBC SpaceX Competition

Daily Planet featured UBC’s SpaceX Competition among mechanical engineering students. Students competed for the best SpaceX drone ship design by creating remote-controlled rocket-wielding boats.

Founder of Chinese company with billions in B.C. assets gets 18 years for fraud

Michael Byers, a UBC political science professor, weighed in for an Associated Press article about a Chinese company that owns extensive assets in B.C. He said the company always had […]

Viral video of B.C. woman’s rant makes it hard to deny racism: Advocate

The Canadian Press quoted Alfred Hermida, the director of UBC’s school of journalism, about a viral video showing a racist rant by a B.C. woman. He said the social media […]

Housing affordability will be the ‘only issue’ in Vancouver municipal election

CBC interviewed Tsur Somerville, a UBC professor of economics, for a story about how housing affordability is the central issue in the upcoming Vancouver election. He said though housing could […]

Canada reverses visa denial for Angolan anti-corruption campaigner Rafael Marques de Morais

The Globe and Mail reported that Canada reversed a visa denial for an anti-corruption activist. Rafael Marques de Morais was the co-winner of the $100,000 Allard Prize for International Integrity from […]

NDP’s proportional-representation referendum proposal steers clear of details

Maxwell Cameron, a UBC political science professor, spoke to the Globe and Mail about the NDP’s proportional-representation referendum. He explained that a detailed process would have to be laid out […]

Business group commissions ‘free little libraries’ to build community in downtown Vancouver

Star Vancouver interviewed Nathanael Lauster, a UBC sociology professor, about the importance of place-making projects in downtown Vancouver. “Population has been going up for a while and it will continue […]

Why Meghan Markle could save the monarchy

CTV interviewed Sarika Bose, a sessional lecturer in UBC’s English department, about Meghan Markle’s influence on the British monarchy. Bose discussed the impact after certain marriage laws were repealed in […]

Should we fear the robots?

AJung Moon, a UBC alumna and director of the Open Roboethics Institute, spoke to the Georgia Straight about robot ethics. She dedicated her career to dissecting the complicated issues with […]

Here’s why these women say B.C. has a lot of work to do on pay equity

Sylvia Fuller, a UBC professor who specializes in work and labour, spoke to the Star Vancouver about the gender pay gap in B.C. Fuller said the province has “a lot […]

The marriage secret: It makes you richer and happier

Maclean’s cited UBC economics research for an article about the benefits of marriage. Shawn Grover and John Helliwell found that “those who marry are more satisfied than those who remain […]