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Behind the Scenes: The New Face of Arts

In a world where societal changes are swift, those working with and within the UBC Faculty of Arts are collectively shining a purposeful light into the future.

More supports needed to keep Indigenous youth active: Health advocates

Rosalin Miles, a UBC kinesiology research associate, spoke to CBC about hurdles that prevent Indigenous youth from participating in organized sports, especially in remote communities. She discussed how one barrier […]

THC and DUIs: As legalization approaches, will roads be safe?

CBC interviewed Rielle Capler, a UBC PhD candidate studying marijuana policy and public health, for a story about the concerns associated with smoking marijuana and driving. Capler doesn’t believe marijuana […]

Colombian high court grants personhood to Amazon rainforest in case against country’s government

Public Radio International interviewed David Boyd, a UBC professor of law, policy and sustainability, after the Colombian high court granted personhood to the Amazon rainforest. He said the case is […]

Top doctor calls for sanctions against chiropractor for anti-vaccine video

Bernie Garrett, a UBC nursing professor, was quoted in a CBC story about calls for sanctions against a chiropractor’s anti-vaccine video. Garrett commented on the statements made by the chiropractor. […]

Opinion: The calendar says this is the wrong time to buy gold

MSN reported on research that found stock market returns in countries around the world are “significantly related to the amount of daylight through the fall and winter.” The findings come […]

Delta family finds creative housing solutions for two generations

Patrick Condon, the chair of urban design at UBC’s school of architecture and landscape architecture, spoke to the Vancouver Sun for an article about housing solutions. Condon is a proponent […]

How worsening wildfires fuel a discouraging trend for more flooding

Two UBC profs were quoted in a Vancouver Sun article about the link between wildfires and flooding. Lori Daniels, a UBC forestry professor, explained how trees and other organic material […]

Will the Earth ever have a ‘dark side’

Christa Van Laerhoven, a postdoctoral fellow in UBC’s physics and astronomy department, spoke to CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks about the orbit of the Earth. She explained that most of […]

Is North Korea actually ready to give up its nukes?

Global interviewed Paul Evans, a UBC professor of Asian and trans-Pacific affairs, about the situation in North Korea. He said after a historic summit, North Korea and its neighbours have […]

B.C. farmers’ market program expands to support lower-income residents and food producers

Hannah Wittman, UBC’s academic director of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, spoke to Star Vancouver about the expansion of B.C.’s farmer’s market program. She discussed that a lack of […]

Magnetic pulses shown to successfully treat depression, UBC study finds — so why isn’t the procedure covered?

Star Vancouver reported on a UBC study that found a treatment using magnetic pulses around the brain is very successful in treating depression. “We see that the mood improves, the […]

Latest Mars mission could be last of its kind for years

Catherine Johnson, a UBC planetary scientist and a co-investigator of the international team measuring seismic activity on Mars, spoke to the Globe and Mail about the project. Johnson explained that […]

RBC artificial intelligence lab eyes computer vision initiative

Business in Vancouver mentioned Leonid Sigal, a UBC computer science professor, in an article about computer vision. Sigal is assisting with an artificial intelligence lab in Vancouver.

Study calls for closer evaluation of pregnant women who have had previous C-sections

The Globe and Mail interviewed Sarah Munro, a UBC postdoctoral fellow, for a story about pregnant women who have had a cesarean section. She said B.C. has been the province with the highest […]

Richmond to host events for nation-wide Mental Health Week

Ingrid Söchting, a director from the UBC psychology clinic, will take part in the Canadian Mental Health Association’s annual Mental Health Week, Richmond News reported. Söchting’s area of expertise involves […]

Damage from flooding doesn’t have to be inevitable

The Conversation published an op-ed by Alexa Tanner and Scott McKenzie, UBC PhD candidates at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, about flooding damage. “People’s perception of risk impacts […]

Water about to get murky

Jeff Curtis, a professor of earth and environmental sciences at UBC’s Okanagan campus, spoke to Castanet for a story about flood threat in Kelowna. He explained how turbidity in Okanagan […]

Jets sign six undrafted free agents

NBC Sports reported that Dakoda Shepley, a former UBC Thunderbirds football player, was an undrafted signing by the New York Jets football team.