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UBC Thunderbirds women’s volleyball goes green

The Province reported on the UBC Thunderbirds women’s volleyball team work on a sustainability and recycling program for the school’s athletics teams. “It’s not something that comes up in your day-to-day […]

Research suggests potential for norovirus early warning system

CBC quoted Curtis Suttle, a UBC marine microbiologist, for a story about an American study into the potential for a norovirus early warning system. He said the idea of the system […]

Canadians struggle to find home rentals as prices climb, availability declines

The Canadian Press interviewed Craig Jones, a UBC geography PhD candidate, about the high housing costs in Canada. He said the situation is largely the result of the federal government’s […]

UBC president apologizes for university’s participation in oppression of Indigenous people

The Toronto Star and other media outlets reported on UBC President Santa J. Ono’s statement of apology for the university’s involvement in the system that supported the operation of Indian […]

How to tame Zuckerberg and protect democracy

The Tyee interviewed Taylor Owen, a UBC professor of digital media and global affairs, about Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony following breaches of privacy by Facebook. Owen discussed what the testimony means for […]

Activists protesting restaurant don’t speak for all vegans

CBC published an op-ed about veganism by Sarah Bond, a UBC student who studies global resource systems. “In regards to doing the least harm for animals, it is better to […]

Experts on Kinder Morgan’s deadline ultimatum for pipeline

Two UBC experts weighed in on the deadline ultimatum for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Jocelyn Stacey, a professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC who […]

How sugar taxes punish the people

Sarah Fessenden, a UBC anthropology lecturer, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation about sugar taxes. “Let’s stop pretending that unhealthy, unjust food systems can be solved by a tax on […]

Zombie NAFTA looms

Two UBC experts weighed in on NAFTA renegotiations. Paul Evans, interim research director for the Institute of Asian Research at UBC, spoke to Business in Vancouver about three possible outcomes […]

Bang! Fest


How should Canada respond to latest Trump tax cuts?

iPolitics reported that Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist, is one of the panellists for a discussion on the latest round of tax cuts brought in by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Big pond

Canadian Architect featured UBC’s new Ponderosa Commons complex. The article highlights the details of the mixed-use project.