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Study: Viruses, bacteria constantly falling from sky

Various media outlets reported on a UBC study that revealed viruses are continuously raining down on the planet from above. “Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per […]

Abandoned stadium site turning into wooden tower in U.S.

Business Insider U.K. mentioned UBC in a story about a wooden office tower being built in the United States. Currently the world’s tallest wooden building is Brock Commons, an 18-storey […]

How smart cars could interact with the cities of tomorrow

Omar Herrera, program manager, transportation futures at UBC’s clean energy research centre, was interviewed for a Globe and Mail story on smart cars. “In a few years from now, you’ll […]

UBC rocket team wants to reach the edge of space

CBC profiled UBC Rocket, a student engineering team that designs and launches its own rockets. One of these rockets earned first place in its class at the Spaceport America Cup last year […]

Family Day 2018: 60+ things to do around Metro Van

The Province included an event at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology on a list of things to do for Family Day. MOA is hosting The Kids Takeover UBC.

Should we worry about tsunamis here?

Brett Gilley, a professor in the earth science department at UBC, was quoted in a Squamish Chief article about the risk of tsunamis in Squamish. He said if a tsunami […]

ICBC is driving itself into the ground

Noriko Ozawa, an economics professor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, was quoted in a Kelowna Now article about ICBC’s deficit. Ozawa said running a deficit in a public monopoly is understandable […]

Legal experts say #MeToo is more than just a movement

Janine Benedet, a professor from the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC, was quoted in a Global story on the #MeToo phenomenon. “I think women are finding tremendous […]

World’s Challenge Challenge Finals


A few modest amendments to the Constitution

Policy Options published an op-ed by George Elliott Clarke, a former visiting artist-in-residence at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at UBC. Clarke convened a “constitutional assembly,” to share his thinking […]

Salmon eating insects instead of fish better for environment

Tim Cashion, a UBC PhD candidate studying fisheries economics, was interviewed by National Geographic. He said the fish farm industry has substantially reduced the amount of fish meal used over […]

Would you like some smoke with that wine?

Boise Public Radio highlighted research out of UBC’s Okanagan campus that showed the effects of wildfire smoke on grapes. The UBC team found that grapes retain chemicals in smoke and […]

How average speed cameras could make B.C.’s roads safer

CBC interviewed Werner Antweiler, a UBC professor of economics, about average speed cameras. “It has been proven to be a very effective system to regulate speeds and make sure people […]

Drones give researchers new perspective on jellyfish

The Canadian Press and other media outlets reported that UBC researchers have been using drones to understand the size and composition of moon jellyfish clusters off B.C.’s central coast. “With […]

Time’s up, inventors: UBC needs you to synchronize 1,800 clocks

The Vancouver Sun quoted John Metras, UBC’s associate vice-president of campus facilities, about the need for replacement timepieces on campus. “We have a variety of legacy systems that really need […]

Singing prof uses music to educate miners about mercury

Marcello Veiga, a UBC mining engineering professor, is using parody pop songs to help reduce the use of mercury in small-scale gold mining in developing countries, the Vancouver Sun reported. […]

From dashcams to slowing down: 5 ideas for fixing ICBC

Metro News cited research by Chuck Weinberg, a professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business, about ways for ICBC to decrease spending. Weinberg found that drivers who used devices […]

Hey, rugby players: Go from maul to mall in this suit

Michael Nguyen, a professor of entrepreneurship at UBC, was featured in Vancouver Magazine for his new men’s apparel company. Nguyen and Darrel Kopke founded Aedelhard.

B.C. Green leader draws line in sand over LNG

Business in Vancouver quoted Hadi Dowlatabadi, a professor at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, in a story about the LNG industry in B.C. Dowlatabadi said a big LNG project could […]