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Tune in, tune out: psychologists say music helps athletes perform

UBC research was featured in a CBC story on the effect of music on athletic performance. A recent study from UBC’s Okaganan campus found that participants who did multiple short, […]

Trump’s perfect score on brain test spawns DIY cognitive exam

Dr. Dean Foti, a clinical assistant professor of neurology at UBC, commented on NBC about the wave of interest in self-administered cognitive screening tools after U.S. President Donald Trump got […]

Gender inequality In China could be worsened by two-child policy

International Business Times highlighted UBC research showing that China’s two-child policy could be making gender inequality worse. Yue Qian, the study’s lead author and a UBC sociology professor, said wives […]

Heated Vancouver council meeting may be harbinger of nasty election campaign

UBC political scientist Max Cameron commented on an exchange between two Vancouver councillors that could set the tone for the election campaign. “What causes things to go toxic is when […]

Ottawa rules out banning, monitoring sexual relationships between MPs, staff members

UBC professor Max Cameron was interviewed for a Globe and Mail story on the federal government’s decision not to monitor or ban sexual relationships between MPs and their staffers. Cameron, […]

Pros, cons of six online aids for coping with sleep loss

Lynda Eccott, a senior instructor in the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences at UBC, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about six DIY sleep aids that can help people […]

Canadian officials urged to reconsider Anbang deal

Michael Byers, the Canada Research Chair in global politics and international law at UBC, was cited in a Globe and Mail story on the sale of Retirement Concepts, one of […]

Webcraft and the global liberal order

A Globe and Mail article authored by U.S. academic and foreign policy analyst Anne-Marie Slaughter focused on the role of web networks in tackling global problems. The article is part […]

Growing labour shortages, higher wages a pressing concern

Craig Riddell, a professor at UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics, was interviewed for a Globe and Mail story on recent wage growth in Canada and its effects on labour supply. […]

Is there an Okanagan accent?

Researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus are studying what characteristics separate an Okanagan accent from others across the province, CBC News reported. The researchers launched a website that asks people from […]

City capitalizes on exposure in Chinese pop culture

CedarBough Saeji, a Korea Foundation postdoctoral fellow in Korean studies at UBC, was interviewed for a Business in Vancouver report on how Vancouver is increasingly using Asian pop-culture icons to […]

66 Canada-India partnerships announced by Trudeau

The Georgia Straight reported on the 66 Indian-Canadian partnerships announced during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India. The partnerships include research exchanges between UBC, SFU and two other Canadian […]

Distracted by interruptions? Science offers tips for focusing

UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn was cited in a recent CBC Spark episode on how to manage workplace interruptions. “When we’re constantly being buzzed by our phones and reminded of […]

The politics of citation

Sarah Hunt, an assistant professor of First Nations and Indigenous studies at UBC, was interviewed on CBC’s Unreserved about the difficulties Indigenous academics face in publishing their work. Hunt said […]