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International weed day has become a deadly day for drivers

Various media outlets reported on UBC research that found people are 12 per cent more likely to die in a car accident after 4:20 p.m. on April 20 than on […]

Hummingbird flight

BBC reported on a UBC study that examines what makes some hummingbirds more agile than others. Doug Altshuler, a UBC zoology professor, has captured and analysed hummingbirds from a small, […]

Is blue the fastest colour for an Olympic speedskater?

USA Today cited a UBC study that compared the cognitive performance associated with the colours red and blue. In the 2009 study, researchers found the blue group performed better on […]

Climate change got a little less terrible

The Washington Post highlighted a Bloomberg story about a UBC study that argues the worst-case scenario for climate change can be ruled out. The findings suggest there is not enough […]

Was Volkswagen first to test exhaust fumes on monkeys?

National Geographic interviewed Christopher Carlsten, director of the Air Pollution Exposure Laboratory at UBC, about car industry-funded research that involved testing exhaust on monkeys. Carlsten said apart from this particular […]

New book sheds light on the amazing capabilities of jellyfish

Lucas Brotz, a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute for Oceans and Fisheries at UBC, spoke to Public Radio International about research on jellyfish. He explained how there are estimates that […]

Germs, viruses hop continents by travelling in Earth’s atmosphere

United Press International highlighted a UBC study that found viruses are constantly raining down on the planet from above. “It’s quite conceivable to have a virus swept up into the […]

Experiment shows cows can be pessimistic just like humans

MSN featured a study from UBC’s animal welfare program that found some calves are more optimistic or pessimistic than others. Similar stories appeared in Metro News and Vancouver Courier.

Student’s claim that UBC mishandled sexual assault complaint moves forward

CBC reported that a UBC student’s human rights complaint over how the school handled her sexual assault complaint  against another student will go ahead, but the case against her alleged attacker […]

Cabinet orders deeper security review of proposed Chinese takeover of Aecon Group

The Canadian Press interviewed Paul Evans, a professor of international relations at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs, about a security review of a proposed Chinese takeover of Aecon […]

PharmaCare deductibles for low income families being eliminated by B.C. government

Global interviewed Michael Law, Canada Research Chair in Access to Medicines at UBC, about changes to PharmaCare deductibles. He discussed how prescription drugs don’t work if they aren’t affordable. Law […]

Is it dishonest to seek professional help for online dating?

CBC interviewed Marina Adshade, a UBC professor of economics, for an article about professional services for people looking for help with online dating. She said she’s not surprised this industry […]

Students’ vision for Surrey 2060

CBC featured a group of UBC urban design students who worked to create a proposal for the future of Surrey. Scot Hein, a lecturer in UBC’s school of architecture and […]

B.C. announces nearly $900K to train new teachers, union says more needed

Wendy Carr, associate dean in UBC’s teacher education program, spoke to Global about government funding that will help UBC teach about 20 students in its indigenous teacher education program in Williams […]

5 reasons to see UBC’s twist on Eve Ensler’s nineties sensation

The Vancouver Sun highlighted the latest UBC production of The Vagina Monologues. All proceeds of the production go to the Sexual Assault Support Centre at UBC and the Battered Women’s […]

The Last Continent: Challenging the unforgiving in search of the unknown

Peter Suedfeld, a UBC psychology professor emeritus, spoke to the Ottawa Citizen about people in extreme environments. He said one distinguishing factor that separates astronauts and adventurers from others is […]

Trevor Hancock: Alberta proclaims its right to pollute

The Times Colonist quoted David Boyd, an environmental lawyer and a professor of law, policy and sustainability at UBC, about his book on the rights of nature. Law reported that […]

Throne speech to lay out B.C. NDP’s childcare approach

The Globe and Mail interviewed Paul Kershaw, a professor with UBC’s school of population and public health, about a potential childcare program for B.C. Kershaw discussed why the NDP should […]

Top employers for young people

UBC was mentioned on a Globe and Mail list of top employers for young people. The university established a postdoctoral fellows office as a resource centre to help postdocs expand […]