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75% of India’s air pollution-related deaths are rural

CNN reported on a new study out of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay which estimated that 75 per cent of air pollution-related deaths in India comes in its rural […]

Corruption is a cancer that Mongolia can’t cut out

Julian Dierkes, a professor at UBC’s school of public policy and global affairs wrote about growing corruption in Mongolia in an op-ed for East Asia Forum. “For observers and Mongolian […]

How to start kicking the smartphone habit

UBC neuroethics professor Peter Reiner was interviewed for a CBC story on smartphone addiction. “The first thing you can do, is not take that phone into the bedroom and keep […]

Financial expert Suze Orman

A CNBC story on noted financial advisor Suze Orman discussed whether more money will make people happier. The story quoted UBC psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn, who researches money and happiness. […]

Cryptocurrency exchange swamped by cybercash craze

Cristie Ford of UBC’s centre for business law was interviewed for a CBC story about a Vancouver cryptocurrency exchange that’s seeing an avalanche of clients. Experts say the cryptocurrency sector […]

LGBTQ teen girls not receiving proper sex education

Teen Vogue reported on UBC research involving 160 lesbian and bisexual girls across the U.S., which indicated that the girls aren’t receiving sufficient information on sexual health and safe sex. […]

Measuring residents’ well-being in Santa Monica

Huffington Post highlighted Santa Monica’s search for a way to more accurately measure its citizens’ well-being. The article mentioned John Helliwell, a UBC economist and editor of the United Nations […]

What Canada can do to make growing weed greener

UBC botany professor Jonathan Page was interviewed on CBC’s The Current (audio). Page believes government should encourage outdoor growing to reduce the environmental impact of growing marijuana. “The illicit market […]

Perfectionism is on the rise—and that’s not good news

UBC psychologist Paul Hewitt was interviewed for a CBC story on a new U.K. study on perfectionism that involved 41,641 post-secondary students from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Hewitt […]

Construction boom near UBC-Okanagan

A shortage of student housing near UBC’s Okanagan campus has led to a housing boom in that area of Kelowna, reports Global News. On-campus housing can accommodate just 1,676 of […]

The Age of Walter Gage

The late Walter Gage, a UBC alumnus and former professor and UBC president was the focus of a Vancouver Sun article. A book about Gage’s life, The Age of Walter […]

Mindfulness helps couple recover intimacy after prostate cancer

A pilot study on mindfulness at UBC was the focus of a new Vancouver Sun story. The study aims to compare strategies for dealing with the loss of sexual function […]

Rideshare laws need to protect against discrimination

UBC law professor Erez Aloni was interviewed in a Metro story on discrimination against rideshare passengers. Aloni said ridehail drivers don’t get a free pass to discriminate based on race, […]

External probe found UBC professor violated policies on conflict, respectful environment

A UBC professor has been temporarily barred from supervising students, researchers and volunteers by the province’s College of Psychologists, reports the Globe and Mail. Similar stories appeared on CBC, Global, […]

Can more housing supply resolve the affordability crisis in Vancouver?

Three UBC professors say government should address both demand and supply to effectively improve affordability in Vancouver. In a Globe and Mail op-ed, Thomas Davidoff and Tsur Somerville, with UBC’s […]

More than 10 writers remove their names from controversial letter in Galloway case

The Globe and Mail reported that more than 10 writers have removed their names from a letter that called for due process for author Steven Galloway, the former chair of creative writing […]

My father’s loss of all musical appreciation to Alzheimer’s

A Globe and Mail story on caring for people with dementia quoted Roger Wong, executive associate dean at UBC’s faculty of medicine and a clinical professor of geriatric medicine. Wong […]

How to stop overdoses? Prevent them to begin with

How to stop overdoses? Prevent them to begin with

Lindsey Richardson, a research scientist with the B.C. Centre on Substance Use and assistant sociology professor, and Jenna Van Draanen, a UBC postdoctoral fellow, wrote an op-ed for The Conversation.

Minister Mark encourages engagement on existing sexual violence policies

Minister Mark encourages engagement on existing sexual violence policies

Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training is encouraging more public engagement for the Prevent Sexual Violence campaign.

Bordeaux in China, Champagne in Kent

Elizabeth Wolkovich, a UBC zoologist, spoke to BBC about how rising temperatures in wine regions have forced growers abroad to set up vineyards in new, cooler areas.