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Professor calls on UBC to disclose any disciplinary action against prof

A UBC professor is calling on the university to disclose whether it took disciplinary action against psychology professor Stephen Porter, reports the Globe and Mail. UBC has said that provincial privacy legislation […]

A look at UBC’s little-known relationship with North Korea

CTV reported on the Canada-DPRK Knowledge Partnership Program at UBC. The program brings groups of North Korean professors to Canada for six months at a time and is run by […]

B.C. post-secondary institutions add 2,900 spaces in technology programs

UBC will receive new provincial funding that will create 624 undergraduate spaces for domestic students at its Vancouver campus for biomedical engineering, computer science and manufacturing engineering programs. Other spaces […]

APEC summit outlook clouded by new host’s problems

The Nikkei Asian Review interviewed Yves Tiberghien, a UBC political science professor who specializes in global economic governance, for a story on the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which […]

The astronomer who is building the largest map of space by volume

Motherboard profiled the work of UBC astronomer Mark Halpern, who is creating biggest map of the universe by volume ever made. Halpern and his team are hoping to analyze how […]

Will North Korea summit talks have an impact?

CBC’s The National (at 12:00 mark) reported on a meeting of foreign ministers and senior officials from 20 nations that took place Tuesday in Vancouver. The story highlighted a panel […]

Mobility pricing commission shortlists two schemes

Robin Lindsey, a transportation and logistics professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, was interviewed on mobility pricing by Metro News and Business in Vancouver. The Mobility Pricing Independent Commission […]

Kenney can rail but won’t beat federal carbon tax, law expert says

CBC reported on plans by Alberta’s Opposition United Conservative Party to challenge a federal carbon tax if it is imposed. David Duff, a law professor at UBC, said he doubts […]

U.S. corporate tax cuts blunt Canada’s competitive edge amid trade worries

A Globe and Mail story on the impact of the big drop in the U.S. corporate tax on Canada quoted UBC economics professor Kevin Milligan. The cuts bring U.S. corporate […]

B.C. firm tackles ethical challenges of artificial intelligence

Business in Vancouver highlighted work by Generation R, an AI consultancy based at UBC and founded by UBC PhD engineering graduate AJung Moon. Gen R develops artificial intelligence ethics guidelines […]

UBC student starts homemade-cosmetics business

Richmond News reported on a UBC arts student who started her own all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and kosher cosmetics business. A similar story appeared in the Vancouver Courier.

Credit: Don Erhardt/UBC

UBC expands tech training with investment from province

An investment from the Province of British Columbia will create 624 undergraduate spaces for domestic students at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Blaming foreigners for housing crisis

CBC quoted UBC sociology professor Nathan Lauster in a story about foreign investment in real estate. Lauster said “It’s a really problematic narrative to blame foreigners for all of our […]

Partner’s scent eases women’s response to stress

Reuters reported on UBC research showing that smelling a partner’s scent might help reduce anxiety during a stressful time. “Many people wear their partner’s shirt or sleep on their partner’s […]

Vancouver meeting focuses on sanctions as Koreas explore detente

Reuters (also in Business Insider UK and CNBC) reported on a meeting of foreign ministers and senior officials from 20 nations scheduled for Tuesday in Vancouver. The story highlighted a […]

Improving workplace culture, one review at a time

Jennifer Berdahl, a UBC professor who studies workplace sexual harassment, was interviewed for a New Yorker article on the jobs site Glassdoor, which provides pay scale information as well as […]

The reality of North Korea as a nuclear power

A New Straits Times story highlighted North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and quoted, among others, M.V. Ramana, the Simons chair in disarmament, global and human security at UBC’s school of public […]

Thousands protest Austria’s new right-wing government

UBC political science professor Kurt Huebner spoke with CTV News (segment starts at 0:33) about Austrians protesting their country’s new right-wing government. He said protesters of the right-wing government are motivated […]

4 in 10 people are $200 away from not being able to pay the bills

Global reported on the MNP Consumer Debt Index, a survey that looks at how well Canadians can afford to pay their bills. UBC economics professor Giovanni Gallipoli was interviewed for […]