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Japanese health movement, shinrin-yoku or forest therapy, has inspired decades of scientific study and a new industry in Edmonton

Jiaying Zhao, a UBC psychology professor and the Canada Research Chair in behavioural sustainability, spoke to the Edmonton Examiner about forest therapy. Zhao, who studies how environmental features can impact […]

Blockchains and Bitcoin 101

Ivan Beschastnikh, a UBC computer science professor, was interviewed on CBC Radio’s BC Almanac about Bitcoin and blockchains. He discussed the basics of cryptocurrency. The segment starts at 27:27.

Technology, outdoor play can go hand-in-hand

Global reported on UBC research that found children are able to play outdoors and engage with nature, even while holding a mobile device. Maxine Crawford, a psychology PhD candidate at […]

Even whales have to exfoliate

The New York Times reported on UBC researchers who observed whales rubbing themselves on rocks to exfoliate in Canada’s Arctic. “The whales were just rolling onto their sides, lifting their […]

Life-saving drug approved for B.C. woman with rare disease

Global quoted Steve Morgan, a professor in UBC’s school of population and public health, in a story about a woman with a rare disease who will receive a life-saving drug. […]

How to improve your mood and recover from a brain injury

The Daily Mail cited a UBC study in a story about the benefits of exercise. The study found that regular aerobic exercise could increase the size of the hippocampus, the […]

Rainy weather could pose challenge for self-driving cars

The Vancouver Sun reported on computer vision researchers at UBC who collected training data for self-driving vehicles. Jim Little, a computer vision expert and senior author of a study called Raincouver, said current […]

Bearded dragons are dumber because of climate change

National Geographic mentioned UBC research in a story about the impact of climate change on bearded dragons. The researchers found a boost of brainpower associated with incubation heat in hatchling […]

Tax real estate speculation to fund housing and transit: Union

Metro News quoted Tom Davidoff, a UBC economist, about taxes on real estate. “I agree land value taxes are a good idea: why punish an owner for building a bigger […]

Bus tweets help transit

Metro News reported on a UBC researcher who analyzed public messages posted to Twitter and found they hold enough location data to study how and when people get around Metro […]

Seven B.C. companies pushing the boundaries of robotics

Elizabeth Croft, a UBC professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems laboratory, was quoted in a BC Business story about robotics in B.C. […]

Signs of running water on Mars dunes probably dry sand

Anna Grau Galofre, a UBC PhD candidate in the department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, was quoted in a New Scientist article about the atmosphere on Mars. Galofre said […]

Scientists: What are you thankful for?

Rima Wilkes, a UBC professor of sociology, was one of the academics interviewed for a Science Magazine article about Thanksgiving. She explained how she could not commemorate Thanksgiving in good […]

Vancouver accepting First Nations nominees for poet laureate

The Georgia Straight mentioned Vancouver’s inaugural poet laureate, former UBC creative writing professor George McWhirter. McWhirter served in the position from 2007 to 2009.

More evidence that you need to spend time enjoying nature

Popular Science cited a UBC study about the connection between nature and well-being. “Exposure to nature increases people’s social well-being,” said Holli-Anne Passmore, a UBC psychology PhD candidate and author of […]

Canada to boost affordable housing, critics want more land

Several UBC academics spoke to various media outlets about the new national housing strategy. Paul Kershaw, a professor at the school of population and public health, told Reuters the government should […]

Talk to the kids about drugs

Marvin Krank, a psychology professor at UBC’s Okanagan campus, will be speaking about how to discuss drugs with children, Castanet reported. Krank co-chaired the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse committee […]

Giving is good for you

Psychology Today cited a UBC study in an article about the benefits of giving. The 2008 study conducted by researchers from UBC and Harvard University found that spending money on […]

UBC political scientist decorated in France

Yves Tiberghien, a UBC political science professor, will be awarded the National Order of Merit in France, CBC Radio-Canada reported. Tiberghien said the honour is a reminder of his French […]