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Think disability is a tragedy? We pity you

The Conversation published an op-ed co-written by Michelle Stack, a professor in UBC’s department of educational studies, about disability prejudice in schools. Stack and Heidi L. Janz at the University of Alberta […]

Need a happiness boost? Spend money to buy time, not stuff

NPR reported on UBC research that found when people spend money on time-saving services it can make them feel happier. Elizabeth Dunn, the study author and a UBC psychology professor, said […]

Study suggests that women actually have more stamina

Metro U.K. reported on research from UBC’s Okanagan campus that found females were less exhausted after natural, dynamic muscle exercises than their male counterparts. Brian Dalton, the study author and […]

Touchscreens might make you spend more money: Study

International Business Times reported on a UBC study that found people are more likely to treat themselves with online purchases using a touchscreen device compared to a desktop computer. Ying […]

Fish could shrink up to 30 per cent due to climate change

Financial Express reported on UBC research that suggests warming waters due to climate change may cause fish may shrink in size. William Cheung, study author and director of science UBC’s […]

Why the 11 countries that rely on the Nile need to reach a river deal soon

The Conversation published an op-ed by Richard Kyle Paisley, the director of the International Waters Governance Initiative IAR at UBC, about reliance on the water of the River Nile. He wrote […]

Children eating poorly at school, study finds

Radio Canada reported on a UBC study that suggests Canadian children are not eating enough food at school to meet their dietary requirement of vitamins and minerals. The phenomenon was […]

Advisers promote work, students struggle with balance

CBC quoted Kim Kiloh, UBC director for the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers, about students learning balance at university. Kiloh said learning to manage multiple responsibilities is one of […]

Kelly reviews everything before it’s on Trump’s desk

Paul Quirk, a UBC professor of political science, weighed in for a Global News story about reports that John Kelly reviews all information before Donald Trump sees it. Quirk said […]

Plant-based diets go mainstream in Canada and the U.S.

The Georgia Straight mentioned a UBC program in a story about plant-based diets. The university recently launched the country’s first plant-based culinary training summit for chefs and food service professionals.

Plaintiffs in court case to call for end to solitary confinement

Efrat Arbel, an professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC who researches prison law, spoke to the Globe and Mail about a call in a B.C. […]

Feature: Fraser’s salmon face torrent of hurdles to thrive

Richmond News cited a UBC study in an article about the challenges for salmon in the Fraser River. The research reportedly shows river temperatures rising by up to four degrees […]

Greens and NDP disagree on bridge tolls

UBC experts spoke to the media about the NDP government’s decision to eliminate tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges as of Sept. 1. The Canadian Press quoted […]

How the middle class is being priced out of real estate

Michael Seelig, a professor emeritus at UBC’s school of community and regional planning, was quoted in a Vancouver Courier story about housing demand in Vancouver. He said “the City of […]

Game-Based Learning Hackathon


Let’s stop pitying single women and just let them live

Carrie Jenkins, a UBC philosophy professor was quoted in a Flare Magazine story about narratives about single women. Jenkins said “there is a deeply ingrained cultural idea in North America […]

Kelowna’s air quality is again much worse than Hong Kong’s

Chris Carlsten, director of the air pollution exposure laboratory at UBC, spoke to Kelowna Now about the air quality in Kelowna. He said “the levels that Kelowna is experiencing right now […]